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In recent posts I’ve detailed each step in my 9-step formula for writing conversational marketing copy for your book’s sales pages, eblasts, back cover copy, Amazon descriptions, and more.

So far I’ve covered the first four steps. This week I cover Step 5, which is how to write dynamic bullet points that communicate to readers your book’s primary benefits/lessons/takeaways.

As you’ve heard me say many times, readers are not interested in hearing what your book is about. They want to know how they’ll benefit from reading your book.

Communicating your book’s primary benefits/lessons through a series of sharp, concise, action-oriented bullet points is a great way to grab and engage potential book buyers.

However, there are some definite insights and secrets you’ll want to leverage when you write benefit-driven bullet points for your book promotion.

To find out how to write better bullet points,
watch this week’s Book Marketing Copy Quick Tip video.



Give Your Bullets Action and Keep Them Tight

In this week’s video I provide you with a simple blueprint for writing better benefit-driven bullet points that can be used in a variety of book marketing materials, such as website pages, back cover copy, eblast copy, Amazon descriptions, and more.

Here are the main points you’ll hear me discuss in detail.

  • Three to five bullets is ideal
  • Begin your bullets with action words you don’t repeat
  • Keep your bullet points sharp and limited to one line
  • Make your first and last bullets your most important
  • Frame your bullets with an intro line and a sentence that conveys a separate big benefit

Here is a simple example of how to do this, which I review in depth in this week’s video:

Deal Yourself a Better Hand is the ideal book for poker players and non-players who want to rev up their lives and win. You’ll discover how to master your mind’s hidden ability to:

  • Switch into a strong, confident mindset at any moment
  • Respond quickly and effectively under pressure
  • Flip a switch and be in total control of your emotions
  • Dump limiting beliefs and attract abundance and victories

Lisa Jones guides you through 12 simple Mindshift™ exercises that will make exciting changes in your life. Not in weeks or months – but right now!

Again, I review this example in greater depth in this week’s video, so please watch it.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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