Without a doubt the most valuable real estate in medical copywriting writing is the space in your marketing materials where you include your product and company tag lines and the headlines that appear above your body copy.

The first thing prospects do when they look at your marketing materials is glance at them and maybe, if you’re lucky, give them a quick scan.

What’s the first thing they’re going to see when they do this? Your tag lines and headlines. What does this mean? It means your tag lines and headlines have to be engaging enough to motivate prospects to read the sales copy below them.

Tag lines and headlines should always include or at least imply a product benefit of some kind. When you do this your prospects will receive a nice tight selling message even if all they do is scan your marketing piece. This may be all it takes to motivate them to dive into your body copy for more information.

Fortunately, writing tag lines and headlines will soon be much easier for you. All you have to do is keep your eye on this blog space because my next few posts will be all about writing compelling tag lines and headlines.