Evidently, recent studies indicate that people now have the attention span of a goldfish. How they measure the attention span of a goldfish is beyond me. But if this startling fact is actually a fact, it means headline writing for coaches and authors is more critical than ever.

Why? Because whether you’re writing sales page copy for an online program, or back cover copy for your soon-to-be bestselling book, the space reserved for your headlines and subheads is by far your most valuable real estate. 

So it’s critical you use this real estate wisely.

Headlines are how you grab and engage your audience. In fact, if there is one thing you can do to improve your current marketing materials, it would be to improve your headlines and subheads.

Sure, your body copy may need a touch up, but improving your headlines is priority number one.

My Secret Technique

Is this post I am going to show you how to use a special headline writing technique that engages page skimmers in the one to three seconds you have to grab their attention.

Again, headline writing is the most important aspect of strong message development. In fact, when I’m writing sales copy for coaches and authors – I spend more time on headlines than anything else. And, I always try to incorporate this technique into their sales pages.

Here’s how it works.

When you create your program landing page, structure your headlines and subheads so readers receive a dynamic sales message and call to action – even if they never read your body copy.

This crafty headline writing technique will often motivate people to go back and read the body copy between your headlines to gain more detail about your program.

Here is an EXAMPLE of how this technique can be used on a sales page that promotes an online program that teaches you how to integrate your spiritual side into your career.

Discover the Book that Blends Business with Soul

<Name of book and author – image of cover>

Integrate Mindfulness with Entrepreneurial Success

<Body copy goes here…>

Create Financial Abundance through Appreciation and Focus

<Body copy goes here…>

Turn Your Profession into a Purpose-Driven Journey

<Body copy goes here…>

View Your Company as a Living Being and Not a Machine

<Body copy goes here…>

Purchase this Program TODAY and Receive 3 Special Bonus Gifts!

<Offer copy goes here…>

If all you read is this headline sequence, you gain a strong idea of what this program’s central themes are, and what your main takeaways will be.

You also are aware that if you buy the program today you’ll receive three bonus gifts.

If people interested in blending their spiritual and business lives only skimmed this simple series of headlines and subheads, there is a strong chance they’d be compelled to dig into the body copy for more information.

So, next time you create a sales page for an online program, structure your headline and subhead sequence so it delivers a dynamic standalone sales message.

Doing this could motivate visitors to hang out on your page long enough to become buyers.

Works on Book Back Covers Too

Here is an example of how a slimmed-down version of this effective headline technique can work for book back covers.

Quickly skim the main headline and two subheads below and ask yourself if they motivate you to read the body copy in between the headlines. If the topic interests you, I think they will.

Experience a Thrilling Adventure that Takes You Through The Most Harrowing Places on Earth

Many people have had the dream, but Gary Banquest has lived it. He left a great life and a lucrative Boston career path to set out on an epic journey where he visited, The Most Dangerous Places on Earth.

Travel global hot spots and badlands for five years

Travel side-by-by side with Gary on a hair-raising trek from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the depths of the Congo; from the Arctic and Antarctic to the totalitarian brutality of North Korea. Along the way you’ll:

  •  Make a harrowing escape from jail
  • Stare down armed and corrupt police
  • Fend off vicious life-threatening attacks
  • Maneuver through terrorist-held strongholds

Immerse yourself in the world’s most treacherous cultures

This gripping adventure tells the true story of how Gary Banquest gambled everything and experienced personal loss, exhilaration, tragedy, danger, and depravation in his quest to experience, The Most Dangerous Places on Earth.

Again, these three headline treatments were strategically written to form a compelling standalone message when skimmed in sequence. Even before you read the body copy, you have a strong idea of what this book is about.

Use this secret headline writing technique when creating copy for your next sales page or back cover, and I’m certain you’ll have a much easier time engaging those pesky page skimmers.

My New “Done-with-You” Copywriting Service

I have a new copywriting service that may be perfect for you or a colleague. I call it my “Done-with-You” copywriting service. It’s the middle point between me writing your copy for you, and you learning to write it yourself.

In fact, it’s about as close as you can get to having me spend time in your office while I edit your copy and tell you everything you can do to improve it.

Here’s how it works.

Imagine you need help editing or fixing back cover copy, a sales page, an email sequence, etc., for which you have written rough drafts on your own. What you and I can do is …

  • Upload your document to Google docs so we both have access to it.
  • Jump on the phone or Zoom and work on your copy together in real time.
  • In one hour, I’ll dig in and edit and polish your rough-draft copy as much as I can.

As I edit, I’ll share expert insights with you that you can use to further polish your copy. In addition, I will send you articles or templates I have on hand that match up with what you are writing.

This is a very straightforward service I’ve provided several clients, and it’s worked out well for them. If you’d like to learn about it in more detail, click here.


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