Why your book marketing copy must focus on a transformation

Take people from where they are to where they want to be

Authors who follow my know that I always emphasize the importance of writing benefit-driven book marketing copy for this simple reason:

People aren’t interested in what your book is about, they’re interested in what they’re going to get out of reading your book.

The same can be said for marketing copy created to sell your online programs.

To make your book promotion copy more effective, it’s critical to focus on the transformation you’re going to provide your readers.

A strong sales message articulates the challenge, pain, problem, need, or desire that’s important to your audience.

It must also address why your book is the solution readers are looking for – even if their desire is simply to be entertained.

Without a doubt, the strongest aspect of your benefit-driven marketing message is the transformation readers can expect in their lives from reading your book.

To find out how to communicate the transformation your book provides,
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How Are You Going to Change Your Reader’s Life?

Communicating the transformation readers will experience from reading your book is critical to writing strong benefit-driven marketing copy.

You’ll find out how to do this in this week’s video, so please check it out. Here are a few of the key points you’ll hear me discuss.

A simple way to focus on the transformation your book provides is to think about these questions as you write your book marketing copy:

  • How will my book change the reader’s life?
  • What pain does my book take away?
  • What need, thirst, or desire does it meet?
  • What pleasure does my book provide readers?
  • Who will the reader become if they read my book?
  • What will it cost readers to not read my book?

To give your book marketing copy even more depth, consider the answers to these questions when you look at your readers’ lives one, three, and five years down the road.

Again, I dig into this topic in more detail in this week’s video. I encourage you to watch it.

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