The days of using hype and fluff in your marketing content are dead. Forever. It’s natural to want to add a little sizzle and hype to your content, especially when you truly believe in the product or service about which you’re writing. business-target-1-1158794-m

This is understandable because you get excited about your products or service and you want your prospects to feel your enthusiasm. Well, injecting enthusiasm into your writing is great—but peppering it with clichés and fluff just doesn’t work.

Why? Because people are sick of it and they can smell b.s. a mile away.

When attempting to be persuasive with your sales copy, don’t make the mistake of going too far. Always assume your audience is very smart and skeptical. Because they are.

Today you have to be authentic and heartfelt when writing your marketing content. Social media has made marketing to your crowd much more of a two-way dialogue—and much less of the one-way monologue it used to be.

This simple fact dictates that you have to be authentic and believable when creating marketing copy geared towards your target audience. Remember, you want your crowd to like you and trust you. Only then will they buy from you.

There are many ways to energize your copy, but always make sure every word you write really means something. If you write fluff for the sake of fluff, assume your audience will see right through it.

To be convincing, your copy has to be believable. If your copy is filled with hype and puff, it will come across as dishonest, which will hurt your credibility. And once you’ve planted a seed of distrust in your audience, they’ll never trust you again. Ever.

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