Before I write promotional content for a book or information product, I always conduct an interview with the author/speaker/coach who has written the book or created the product. They are always very excited to tell me what their book/product is about. going-green-pays-off-1208043-m

However, I tend to throw them for a loop when I spend a minimal amount of time asking them what their book/product is about. Instead, I focus much more time speaking to them about how prospects will benefit from their book/product.

In other words, “What are people going to get from your reading your book?” “What’s the big takeaway?” “How will they benefit from your information product?”

Answering these questions in your marketing content should carry much more weight than a detailed explanation of what your book/product is about.

Of course you need a brief overview that describes your book or product. But keep it brief. Then provide some sharp, concise copy that really focuses on user benefits, or the, “Yeah, so what’s in it for me?” aspect of your book or product.


By following the practical and straightforward advice Jim Bennette imparts in The Wealth Movement, you will have a great opportunity to:

  •  Gain insight into the simple steps needed to achieve total financial freedom
  • Learn to compress 40 years of wealth building into 20 years, 10 years or even less
  • Create your own economy that’s continually strong and sustainable
  • Develop a mindset that no longer connects wealth building to “hard work”


Our online executive training course is tailored to your company’s specific needs.

  •  Develop skills for assertive, confident and accountable communication
  • Build trust and alignment among team members
  • Gain higher team and organizational productivity
  • Break down barriers between individuals and departments

Again, when you write promotional content for your book or information product, always place greater weight on detailing what the big takeaways will be for your customers. It’s what they care about the most.

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