I absolutely love great questions. Asking the right questions can instantly put you in a dynamic state of mind. In fact, I have a list of them I look at every morning to get me fired up and ready to go. Here are a few to give you an idea of what I mean: Success Compass

  • What will be possible if I LISTEN TO MY HEART instead of the opinions of others?
  • Where will my life go if MY HEART LEADS THE WAY?
  • What abundance will emerge if I trust my PASSION and PERSIST?

Thought-provoking questions are also a powerful sales writing tool because they get prospects focused in your message. For example, you can use a question to draw immediate attention to your competitive advantages.


With the Quantum LQR, you can have aspiration speeds that are 20% faster than other devices on the market. So why are you still using yesterday’s technology?

This is a good question because it implies that users who don’t upgrade to the Quantum device will fall behind the technology curve. Software and cell phone companies use this “fear-factor-question” technique to great affect all the time.

A good question can also titillate and arouse curiosity to drive readers deeper into your sales copy. This can be a great technique when writing headlines.


Would you like to double your book sales in less than three weeks?

We have exclusive behind-the-scenes information. Interested?

Thought-provoking questions and questions that stir a reader’s curiosity are an ideal way to gain attention for your books and information products.


Are you dying to know who really wanted Marilyn Monroe dead?

Want to Know How to Think Your Way to Greater Wealth and Health?

Now, this point is very important. If you ask thought-provoking questions that really excite your reader’s interest—you need to provide equally compelling answers.

If a strong question is followed by teaser material or hype and fluff—the letdown will really turn off your prospects. So be smart and sincere with this technique.

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