Does Your Marketing Copy Pass the

Always focus your benefit statements on your readers – not you.

I know this may sound like something that would come out of the mouth of a third grader but hang with me for a second.

If you’re an author or business coach promoting your books and online programs, your marketing copy MUST pass what I call the “we we” test.

Here’s what I mean.

Review a cross section of websites for authors, coaches, and corporate companies and on some of them you’ll see an overuse of sentences that begin with the words I or we, as in . . .

“We provide value by doing . . .,” “I believe this . . . or I believe that.” “We believe in . . .” or “I’ve written a new book about . . .”

This is understandable because people are anxious to tout what they do along with the value they provide.

However, book marketing copy written in this style doesn’t pass the “we we” test and needs to be corrected.

Why? Because your marketing copy should be more about your audience and less about you.

My simple tip for correcting we-centered copy will help you write benefit-driven copy that does a better job of engaging your audience.

And remember, the closer you connect with your audience – the more books and programs you’re going to sell!

To find out how to write promo copy that passes the “we we” test,
click through and check out this week’s Book Marketing Copy Quick Tip video.



Make It More About Your Audience – Less About You

In this week’s video, I speak in-depth about how to write book marketing copy that focuses more on your audience, and less on you.

Here is the key point you’ll hear me cover:

Instead of writing sentences like this:

“I’ve written a new book in which I provide readers with information about . . . (fill in the blank).”

Write sentences more like this:

“When you read my new book you’ll gain insight into . . . (fill in the blank).”

In short, don’t tell your audience what you provide. Instead tell them what they’ll gain, discover, or receive when they read your book or buy your program.

It’s a subtle technique, but when you write from this mindset your marketing copy will always center more on your audience. And they’ll appreciate it!

Again, I cover this tip in much greater detail in this week’s video, so I encourage you to watch it!

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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