Does Long Marketing Copy Hurt Book Sales?

Give readers what they need to make a buying decision!

Is long book marketing copy dead? Do sales pages for books have to be super concise because no one reads anymore?

The fact that millions of books are sold each year pretty much kills the “nobody reads anymore” argument.

However, there is definitely a legitimate debate among authors about how much marketing copy people are willing to read when deciding to buy a book.

Can a book sales page that is 1,000 words or more still work, or will a sales page of this length automatically scare off readers?

The long copy versus short copy debate has been raging for the 25 years I’ve been writing marketing materials professionally.

So this week I tackle this topic head on so you can have a definitive set of guidelines to follow when creating sales pages for your books and online programs.

To find out if long marketing copy is dead and kills book sales,
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Be Engaging and Compelling

There is a lot of discussion these days that centers on how long marketing copy should be for a book’s website sales page.

I discuss this important topic in-depth in this week’s video, so I encourage you to check it out. Here are some of the key points I cover.

  • It takes less copy to generate interest or “buzz” about your book. But, it takes more copy to convince people to actually buy your book.
  • People expect your book marketing copy to give them ALL the information they need to make an informed buying decision.
  • The length of your copy is secondary to how compelling and engaging it is.
  • Your goal is to move readers through an honest, “no hype” motivating sequence that persuades them to buy your book.
  • Long copy isn’t dead, but boring copy that is long for the sake of being long is definitely dead.

Here’s your key takeaway. Whether your book marketing copy is long or short, be concise with your writing style and make every word count. Tell your audience everything they need to know to make an informed buying decision . . . and then stop.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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