It’s pretty much a universal truth. We all want to be “in the know.” We want to feel like “insiders,” and we all have a fascination with going “behind the scenes” to get the skinny or the scoop. Good Advice Cardboard

Well, your prospects are no different. So leverage this in your direct response sales copy to make them curious about your products and services.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling medical devices, B2B services or books and information products. An excellent way to engage and hold prospects is to make them feel you’re about to reveal secrets, or inside information in your core messaging that is of immediate interest.

You’re “secret” can include items such as…

  • Results from a soon-to-be-published study
  • News of an upcoming product release
  • Testimonials from a soon-to-be-released case study
  • Excerpts and videos from your not-yet-released information product
  • Complete, insider interviews that will not be made available to the public
  • Special offers available only to “premium subscribers”

Utilizing this technique can done by peppering in words throughout your direct response copy that stir up curiosity.


At last. Exclusive information is revealed for the first time in our new special report, 3 Secrets that Unravel the Mystery to Doubling Your Sales Leads in Just 30 Days!

I’ve underlined some key words in this example that create curiosity and the feeling that readers are about to become “insiders.”

People love to hear “the buzz,” and be “in the know.” It’s true when we’re little kids on the playground, and it’s true when we’re adults in the business world.

Being an insider is titillating and exciting. So put this technique to work for you in your direct response copy!

This will draw prospects further into your promotion, which increases the odds of a sale and future engagement.

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