Special offers are the heart and soul of every sales landing page or letter you create for your books, information products or other services. Balls

After you tell prospects about your product and its features and benefits, you have to make your offer. Here is a very simple rule that guides every special offer line I write:

Create limited-time special offers and throw in some free stuff.

The reasoning here is basic. Setting a time limit on your offer motivates prospects to act sooner, rather than later.

Offering free bonus materials, such as special reports, tip sheets, photographs, or behind-the-scenes interviews will further motivate prospects to act on your offer.

In addition, always apply a dollar amount to your free bonuses so prospects can clearly see they are getting over-the-top value for the money they are spending.

Here is a straightforward example of how to put this formula into action.


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PDF files make it easy to supply electronic bonus extras that do not need to be physically shipped. So there’s no reason not to pump up your offer with free giveaway items.

Need ideas for bonus items that go well with fiction books? Here are a few: extra photographs; illustrations; facts, interviews and information about real-world situations on which your story is based. Get creative and I’m sure you can come up with even better ideas!

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