Today I want to focus on a special technique I use when copywriting for coaches and authors. This technique is an important element of your message development that you should never overlook.

I call it painting a solution picture with words

If you’ve developed a program, service, or book that solves a problem or helps your prospects overcome a challenge, your sales copy should definitely include an engaging solution picture.

Here’s how you create one.

Bring Your Promises to Life!

A common first step when writing sales pages or other marketing content is to describe a challenge or problem facing your prospects. This shows you understand their pain points and what keeps them up at night.

When you can demonstrate you appreciate your prospect’s problem, you put yourself in a great position to introduce your program, product, or book as a solution.

A key part of this introduction is describing the primary benefits provided by your product, service, or book. After completing this step, I recommend you add greater depth and texture to your writing by painting a solution picture for your prospects.

You can do this by using your words to create a vivid illustration of how their lives will look and feel as a result of using your product, reading your book, or going through your training program.


Paint your solution picture by telling a story or making statements that really bring your product benefits to life. This can be accomplished in a sentence or two, or you can stretch out and write a paragraph or more.

Here is an example of how you can paint a solution picture that is quick and to the point.

Imagine this Exciting Vision for Yourself

 The wisdom and insight that comes with age. The vibrant energy and physical vitality you enjoyed back in the day.

 It’s the best of all worlds – and you really can have them both.

 In fact, this ideal vision and the freedom that comes with it can be your everyday reality.

Well into your 60’s, 70’s and beyond!

 The proven secrets to achieving this dynamic lifestyle are presented in extraordinary detail in Dr. Jerry Johnson’s groundbreaking new seminar…Boomer Wellness!

Here is a second, more detailed example of a solution picture written by copywriter, Kara Hawkins. It is for a coach who offers international romance coaching for busy executives who travel and do business around the globe.

A Love Life to Rival Your Career…

 What if your next business trip to France extended into a romantic getaway? A five-star luxury suite at Hotel Raphael, an evening stroll through Champs-Élysées, and a decadent dessert in a corner cafe – eyes locked, heart aflutter, barely able to sit still.

 Or maybe you prefer a chartered yacht in the Greek Isles. The sun on your shoulders as you sip champagne and enjoy a meeting of the minds. A dinghy into Panoramas Beach for an exquisite dinner at a chic café, followed by an exhilarating evening.

 When’s the last time you had a stay-in-bed, order room service, and remain undressed until Monday adventure with someone who really gets you? Someone as accomplished who craves intimacy too.

 No matter your vision, another professional shares it. You just have to learn how to find them.

As you can see, if you craft a solution picture that illustrates how life can be for your prospects after they engage with you, your marketing copy will have more richness to it.

This could be exactly the touch you need to make your promotional copy stand out in your market!

My New “Done-with-You” Copywriting Service

Here is something new I’m offering that you or a colleague may be interested in.

I’ve created a new copywriting service that is a nice mid-point between me doing the writing for you, and you learning how to do it yourself.

I call it my Done-with-You copywriting service. Actually, it’s a lot like hanging out with me in my office as I edit your copy. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you just need help polishing back cover copy, a sales page, an e-blast sequence, etc., that you have written yourself. What you and I will do is …

  • Upload your document to Google docs so we both have access to it.
  • Next, we’ll make sure we both have an access link to the Google doc file.
  • Then, we’ll jump on the phone, Skype or Zoom and work on your copy together in real time.
  • In one hour, I’ll roll up my sleeves and edit your document as much as I possibly can.

As I work, I’ll also provide you with expert insights you can use to further polish your copy. In addition, I will send you any articles or templates I’ve created that pertain to what we’re working on.

This is a very simple and practical service I’ve provided several clients, and it’s really worked out well for them.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can get the details right here.


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