I do a lot of sales copywriting for coaches and authors. As part of their core message development, I typically create website copy that is intended to sell a book or information product.

If you’re promoting a book, program or product, it’s a great idea to build a dedicated sales landing page on your website that motivates people to buy. Your site’s home page should include compelling sales copy that drives prospects to this page. 

A strong approach to take is to think of your home page and your book/product sales landing page as a dynamic 1-2 punch that works together as a team. Here’s why:

Your friends, fans, family, and colleagues may arrive to your website predisposed to buy your book or product. They already know you, like you, and trust you – so they’re ready to buy.

Other visitors to your website may not know you, or they may just be getting familiar with you. It stands to reason these folks will need to learn more about you and your product before they buy.

Guide Prospects Through a Motivating Sequence

Develop your home page copy by writing a series of elements that when combined, form a brief motivating sequence that either ….

  • Compels visitors to buy your book/product immediately; or
  • Encourages them to click through to your dedicated sales page to learn more – and then buy!

Again, your home page and your sales landing page should work in tandem. Both pages will lead visitors through a sequence that inspires them to buy.

In this post, I am going to teach you the elements of a home page motivating sequence. I’ll then provide you with an example of home page copy I’ve written for an international bestselling book that follows this sequence.

Home Page 5-Step Motivating Sequence

 STEP 1 – Grab them with your headline

Create an engaging headline. The goal of a headline is to grab people and drive them into your body copy. That’s it. So, you don’t have to be witty, sexy or clever.

In fact, simple headlines are often your best choice.

For non-fiction books and information programs, focus your headline on a key benefit or takeaway buyers will gain from your product.

For novels, focus your headline on an emotion you want to stir up in your reader. Or, create a thought-provoking question that arouses curiosity or sets the stage for thematic elements that are woven through your book.

In short, don’t focus your headlines on what your book or product is “about.” Instead, focus your headlines on what readers will “get out” of your product. This is how you grab their attention.

STEP 2 – Product image and testimonial(s)

Below your headline, insert an image of your book or program cover. If you have endorsements, place your best one below your main headline.

Third-party endorsements from experts, trade publications, or public figures are great credibility builders, and they can do your selling for you! So, if have them, use at least one at the top of your home page.

STEP 3 – Immediate call to action

Place an ORDER NOW or ADD TO CART button below your headline and book/product cover image. Again, your fans, friends, and colleagues may come to your site predisposed to buy. So, make it easy for them to order immediately.

STEP 4 – Promotional body copy

This is the heart of your home page. Use it to create a tight, concise promotional blurb about your book or product.

To make your copy “at-a-glance-friendly,” employ a liberal use of subheads, short sentences and bullet points, so your home page copy looks fast and easy to read.

STEP 5 – Call to action buttons

Make a clear call to action. Place an ORDER NOW or ADD TO CART button just beneath your promotional body copy.

Your home page motivating sequence may be all that’s needed to persuade visitors to buy your book, so make it simple for them to do so.

However, some visitors may need more convincing. So, just below your ORDER NOW button, place a second button that says, LEARN MORE ABOUT <NAME OF YOUR BOOK/PRODUCT>

This button will link to your sales landing page.

Again, your home page copy may get new visitors interested in your book/product – but they may need to be further convinced before they buy.

This is why you want to give them the easy option of clicking through to your sales page where they can learn everything they need to know to make a buying decision.

STEP 6 – Opt-in side bar copy

This step is optional. We’ll call it the bonus step. Many non-fiction authors are also speakers and coaches who market books, information products and consulting services. If this is you, an important part of your marketing program is building your e-mail list.

The formula is simple. In exchange for signing up for your list, prospects gain access to anything from a free special report to a free online program you have created.

Many fiction writers also create opt-in offers to build their e-mail list of fans. If you’re a fiction writer, here are a few ways you can incent people to opt-in to your list: Offer bonus illustrations or photos that go with your book; offer an audio version of your book, or an interview with you in which you provide in-depth information about the creative process behind your storyline.

List building is always a sound marketing strategy because it’s a simple way to build a crowd, stay in touch with them, serve them, and sell to them.


Here is an example of home page copy for bestselling author, Mari L. McCarthy, that follows the motivating sequence I’ve outlined. For easy reference, I’ve labeled each step in the sequence.

Journaling PowerMari L. McCarthy


Tap into the Ultimate Self-Healing Tool


(STEP 1)

<Insert book cover image>

“Remarkable, riveting and transformative…Spoken from experience, inspired by passion and delivered with magnificence. Whether you journal or not…you will definitely want to dive in to discover how this one simple process can radically and positively impact your life in many ways. Highly recommended.”

—Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

(STEP 2)


<Links to Amazon/Barnes & Noble>

(STEP 3)

Gain Instant Access to Your Free Journaling Power Toolkit!
  • 5-day Journaling Power intro course
  • Subscription to Journaling Power newsletter
  • 20%-off Coupon for Use in Mari’s Journaling Store

Connect with your true authentic soul through journaling!

All you need is an open mind, and a pad and a pen.

<Name>          <Email>                       GET ACCESS NOW!

(STEP 6)

Journaling Power Places the Ultimate Transformation Tool at Your Fingertips

Mari L. McCarthy mitigated the debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and ditched her prescription drugs, by tapping into the proven power of expressive writing.

Through her moving personal story, you’ll discover how pen-to-paper journaling can lead to self-growth and life-changing transformation.

You’ll also learn that numerous medical studies prove journaling unleashes an internal healing agent that literally gives you the power to…

  • Let go of hang-ups and disempowering thoughts that hold you back
  • Elevate feelings of joy and lightness while reducing depression
  • Feel gratitude for the present moment and forgive past missteps
  • Harness power, talents and abilities you’ve previously denied
  • Commit to new goals and take inspired actions to achieve them
  • Participate in the curing of your own disease!

“Simply astonishing! Journaling Power brings to light your infinite ability to cleanse your mind, body and spirit…and heal disease. Plus, Mari L. McCarthy supports it with evidence from published medical research – not to mention her own incredible personal healing story!”

—James Wosen, International Bestselling Author

(STEP 4)


<Links to Amazon/Barnes & Noble>

 LEARN MORE about Journaling Power

<Link to website book sales page>

(STEP 5)


HOT TIP: In this example, I’ve placed opt-in copy (Step 6) near the top of the page. It can also run down either side of your page – or be positioned at the bottom of your page.

They key is to make it fit into the natural flow of your page design. However, where YOU place it is up to you. Obviously, you’ll want to position it on your page in a location that is highly visible.

Did this post provide you with insights that will help you write stronger home page copy? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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