It’s one of the most important steps I take when writing a client’s Core Message Platform. Plus, it’s a lot of fun, although I always make it a point to think strategically – instead of trying to be overly zippy, witty, or clever. geek-glasses-dude

I’m referring to the section I build into every Core Message Platform™ in which I create an extensive list of tagline options for my client’s product or service.

Creating a memorable tagline that people link immediately to your product or service is an essential part of your marketing message development. However, the process doesn’t have to be complicated.

But, it does have to be precise.

Your 3 Simple Steps to Tagline Success!

Utilize the following three-step formula when creating tagline options, and you’ll be able to develop a long list of potential winners in a brief period of time.

  1. Use short, simple words (mostly one to two syllables )
  2. Keep it punchy (three to six words)
  3. State or imply a benefit, or demand some kind of action

Can your tagline creation strategy really be this simple? The answer is YES! Need proof? Just consider some memorable consumer taglines that met this challenge and were used for several years running

  • Debeers – A Diamond is Forever
  • Maxwell House – Good to the Last Drop
  • Miller Lite – Taste Great, Less Filling
  • All-State Insurance – You’re in Good Hands

Need a few B2B tagline examples? Here are three I’ve developed over the years for my clients.

  • LumiWave – Pain Relief. The Light Way.
  • Axis – Strength in Every Direction
  • VMDnet – Video that Hooks and Persuades

Take another look at all seven of these taglines, and you’ll see immediately the characteristics they share. They are tight, simple, and in only a few words they communicate a key benefit.

Are they zippy or whimsical? Hardly. Instead, they are straightforward and extremely easy to remember.

And that’s the key to this aspect of your message development. You want your tagline to tout a product benefit and be easy to repeat and remember!

How about you? Has tagline development been difficult for you in the past? Will this simple but effective three-step process make it easier for you? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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