Two weeks ago I detailed why a Core Message Platform should be the first marketing piece you create for your product or service. Last week I provided a nice overview of how to organize and build a Core Message Platform. Twisty ride

Today I’m going to highlight the primary benefits that make a Core Message Platform such an important part of your marketing campaign.

Remember, a Core Message Platform is a comprehensive document loaded with dynamic selling statements about your product or service.

It serves as the “master messaging document” from which you can write all of your essential marketing content.

The Benefits!

When you complete a Core Message Platform for your product or service, what you’ll have at your fingertips is an information-rich document that is generally 12 to 15 pages long.

A document filled with persuasive direct-response selling statements that can be used throughout your digital and print marketing pieces.

Working from a Core Message Platform makes it a breeze to quickly create e-blast campaigns, landing pages, video scripts, sales letters, brochures, social media posts, and other marketing pieces.

Plus, by drawing from your Platform you’re assured that all of your selling statements will be consistent in voice, style and message.

This is incredibly important because repetition of message builds reputation of product. And for people to focus on your message, your message must be focused.

A Core Message Platform makes it much easier to achieve these objectives with speed and efficiency.

Less stress. Stronger messaging.

There’s really no getting around it. A Core Message Platform is your secret weapon to:

  • Building strong, consistent marketing messages
  • Developing a memorable, lasting image for your product or service
  • Nailing your target audience and touching them on an emotional level
  • Enhancing the revenue-generating power of all your marketing materials

In addition, putting together marketing content on a rush ASAP basis is much less stressful when your Core Message Platform is readily available to you. This completely eliminates having to “wing it” when you’re under the gun to meet a demanding deadline.

 That’s it! If you have any questions about how a Core Message Platform can benefit your business, feel free to reach out and contact me.

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