In an earlier post I stepped out why a Core Message Platform™ is your marketing campaign’s secret weapon. In my follow-up post, I revealed how to structure and create a Core Message Platform™pickle-jar-strain

Now it’s time to showcase the main benefits that come with developing a Core Message Platform, and why having one at your fingertips makes your life so much easier.

As I explained in my previous posts, a Core Message Platform™ is a 12- to 15-page document packed with compelling marketing statements about your product or service.

It functions as the “master message document” from which you can create your primary direct response sales content for all of your marketing channels.

Your Marketing Safety Net

Having a comprehensive Core Message Platform™ within arm’s reach at all times is like having a marketing safety net. Why? Because a completed Platform makes it fast and easy to create e-blast campaigns, landing pages, video scripts, sales letters, brochures, social media posts, and other marketing pieces.

Plus, when you draw material directly from your Core Message Platform™ to create these materials, you can be certain your essential sales and marketing statements will be strong and consistent in voice, style and message.

This is incredibly important because repetition of your message builds reputation of your product. And, for people to focus on your message, your message must be laser focused.

In addition, having instant access to a thorough Core Message Platform™ empowers you to create your marketing materials with much greater speed and efficiency.

Say Goodbye to Winging It!

How many times have you found yourself under the gun to crank out a sales letter by the end of the week and an e-blast campaign by Monday—not to mention a landing page that MUST be done ASAP?

Putting together sales content on a rush basis is much less of a hassle when you have immediate access to a Core Message Platform™. It completely puts an end to the pressure and stress that comes with winging it with your messaging when you have impossible deadlines hanging over your head.

There’s no doubt it. A Core Message Platform™ really is the secret weapon you need to:

  • Create strong and memorable marketing messages
  • Build a powerful, positive image for your product or service
  • Hit your target audience with consistent messaging that pings their emotions
  • Increase the revenue-generating power of your sales and marketing content

 That’s it! If you have any questions about how a Core Message Platform™ can make your product messaging even more effective, feel free to contact me.

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