The first time I “saw” the Internet back in the early 90’s, it was no more than a DOS prompt on a green computer screen. “What’s the big deal about this?” I thought.

My first view of the Internet coincided with the beginning of my 20+ year copywriting career. The web has changed just a bit (sarcasm) since I first viewed it in the cubical of an IT friend. I'm a winner

On one hand, sales writing has changed along with it. But on the other hand, it hasn’t changed at all.

Even before DOS prompts and dial ups, strong message development was crucial to marketing success. Today, it’s more important than ever.

Here’s Why

Your core message development is the foundation of your product’s identity. This identity is forged by the voice, tone, imagery, and style you create with your words.

And, these words must be engaging, persuasive, and dynamic. They have to paint pictures, tell stories, move people emotionally …and motivate them to take action.

Achieving this with your message development is a must. Because your voice and message must be consistent and penetrating across every traditional and digital marketing channel.

This is especially true today, when marketing messages are streaming at us at warp speed.

Your Secret Weapon

So, how do leading companies meet this message development challenge? Many of my clients rely on the development of a comprehensive Core Message Platform™ that includes a series of value- and benefit-driven statements about their product or service.

A Core Message Platform is a comprehensive document that is usually 12 to 15 pages. Its primary purpose is to serve as your “master messaging document.”

Once completed, your Core Message Platform™, becomes the springboard from which you create all of the marketing content related to your product or service. This includes, website pages, e-blast campaigns, auto-responders, video scripts, sales letters, brochures and more!

If you want your primary selling messages to be persistent across multiple marketing channels, creating a Core Message Platform™ gives you your best chance for success.

Remember, repetition of message builds reputation of product.

Working from a thoroughly fleshed out Core Message Platform™ is a much stronger strategy than writing your marketing materials one at a time on a “make-up-your-message-as-you-go” basis.

If you take the “make-it-up-as-you-go” route, your message development is bound to be inconsistent and disjointed. This can badly damage your promotional campaign because prospects will not digest and remember your selling statements if they morph and evolve with every new marketing piece you create.

Over the next several weeks I’ll show you how to structure a Core Message Platform™ for your product or service. I will also detail how to write each section of an effective message platform.

So stay tuned because there will be a ton of sales writing tips coming your way!

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