Maintain a tight link between your headline and your first line of body copy

All the authors for whom I write book marketing copy are looking for a competitive edge. Especially if they’re serious about turning their books into bestsellers.

Gaining this edge begins with the development of the core marketing messages for your book .

Often, it is overlooked subtle techniques that give your book marketing copy a professional polish. One of these techniques is learning how to master headline setups and payoffs.

Setups and payoffs are the crisp connection between your headline and the first line of body copy that follows it.

When sharp headlines are followed by copy that doesn’t have a direct relationship to the headline, your marketing piece can take a turn for the worse. Or at a minimum, it can make your marketing copy feel disjointed and less professional.

Avoid making this mistake. A simple way to do this is to think of your headline as a setup and the first line of body copy that follows it as a payoff.

If you maintain this mindset, it will force you to create a cohesive link between your headline and your body copy in every marketing piece you create for your book.

Again, this is a subtle technique and it isn’t glamorous. However, using it will give your book marketing copy a nice professional touch.

To review examples of this tip and to learn more about how to master setups and payoffs,
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Here are a few setup/payoff examples. In each of them, notice how the first line of body copy flows effortlessly off of the headline above it.

Headline (Self-development book)
Why Do 7 out of 8 Homeopaths Recommend Dr. Benson’s Wellness Routine?

First line of copy
Because clinical studies show it reduces toxicity in the body …rapidly!

Headline (Novel)
Come Face to Face with a Startling Truth

First line of copy
In the first five pages you’ll be forced to face the cold reality that your government conspires with people who want you dead.

Headline (Business book)
Transform Your Business by Addressing 4 Simple Questions

First line of copy
Answering them just the right way can lead to dramatic breakthroughs that propel your success.

When you create a tight link between your headline and your first line of body copy, your book marketing copy will always have a distinct edge to it.

This makes it much easier to engage potential buyers, so you can hold their attention and motivate them to learn more about your book – and buy it!

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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