In my previous post, I made the case for why solid core message development is essential to the creation of your product’s identity, and to the success of every marketing campaign you execute for your product or service. fix-vw

I also revealed why a Core Message Platform™ is the ideal document in which to create and polish a series of persuasive benefit-driven sales messages about your product.

It’s within this comprehensive document your product comes alive. A 12- to 15-page Core Message Platform™ is the perfect way to sharpen your product’s identity through words that persuade and motivate your prospects, while painting a crystal-clear image of the value your product delivers.

With this “master message” document at your fingertips, you have an abundance of marketing copy that can be used to create website pages, sales letters, video scripts, e-blasts, landing pages and more.

By working from your completed Core Message Platform™, your copy will be strong and consistent throughout all of your marketing pieces, and across all of your marketing channels.

Organize Your Platform to Fit Your Needs

Having a Core Message Platform™ in your arsenal gives you the power to create a wide range of marketing materials with ease and efficiency. So, how do you organize one?

Any way you want.

The truth is, I’ve written dozens of message platforms over the last 15 years for my clients, and no two have been structured the same. This means you can be flexible and creative.

However, it’s good to have general guidelines from which to work, and here they are. The bulk of the Core Message Platforms™ I’ve created have included some, or most of these sections:

  • Product or service tagline options
  • Description of your specific target market and/or client avatar
  • Explanation of the human value your product delivers
  • Description of how your product works (a step that’s often overlooked)
  • Unique selling proposition statement
  • Emotional selling proposition statement
  • Product positioning statement (how you want your target to perceive your product)
  • Testimonials and endorsements from respected industry authorities
  • Compelling benefit statements that spotlight your main selling points
  • Strategic messages intended to overcome potential product objections

 Pack Your Platform with Compelling Copy!

Again, you’re not locked into any one format. You can organize your Core Message Platform™ to meet your specific needs or desires.

You can add sections, subtract sections, invent sections – or mix and match the ones I’ve outlined for you in a way that supports your unique situation.

Again, no two Platforms I’ve written have been structured exactly the same. Yet, what they all have in common is I always produce 12 to 15 pages of dynamic and compelling marketing messages about my client’s product or service.

That’s it for this week, but we’re just getting started.

In my next post, I’ll give you real-world examples that demonstrate how a Core Message Platform™ makes it significantly easier to market your product effectively in any market. So stay tuned!

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