I love movies. That’s probably why I went to film school and spent my 20’s working part time as a story analyst while pursuing a screenwriting career in Hollywood. My favorite move? The GodfatherBanana Gun

I’ve watched it at least 30 times. My favorite line from The Godfather? Hands down it’s, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

I always have this line in mind when I write Core Message Platforms™. That’s because in most every Platform I create a section that includes “special offer” sales copy that can be used in sales letters, e-blasts, landing pages and other lead-generation and sales content.

Five Essential Elements

A key to writing strong special-offer copy is to include brief sections in which you …

  1. Highlight a limited-time special offer
  2. Sell the savings
  3. Add a free or discounted bonus
  4. Develop a value demonstration
  5. Reverse the risk by offering guarantees

Here is a special offer example that could be included at the end of a website landing page for an online human resource services company called, HR Digital (fictional name).

The copy is engaging and compelling because I use all five special offer elements in a logical sequence. If you do the same when you write special offer copy, you will most likely see an increase in conversions.


Start for Just $5!

Begin your HR Digital membership today and you can access our full range of expert coaching services for 10 days…for ONLY $5! (Free or discounted bonus)

After 10 days, your monthly fee increases to our normal price of $597 per month…or does it?

Join by September 30, 2016, and SAVE $400 – Every Month!

The fun of summer and the costs that go with it are over. So why not start the fall with some SAVINGS! Join HR Digital by September 30, 2016, and you’ll lock in your membership at ONLY $197 per month. (Limited-time offer)

…That’s an incredible SAVINGS of $400 each and every month!! (Sell the savings)

Consider the Fees Charged by Outside Consultants

HR consultants charge a minimum of $350 PER HOUR. That’s $2,800 per day…for the same services we offer!

Compare this $2,800 per DAY fee to your $197 per-month membership fee with HR Digital. When you do, it’s clear immediately that your SAVINGS are ENORMOUS. (Value demonstration & sell the savings)

Best of All, There is Absolutely NO RISK

There is no risk of any kind when you join HR Digital. We’ve made sure of it.

If at any time during the first 90 days of your membership you are not completely thrilled with our service, we’ll refund your entire investment. (Reverse the risk; money-back guarantee)

No questions asked. So there’s no risk to you and nothing to lose. (Re-emphasize risk reversal)

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