If you’re an author/speaker/coach or solopreneur, the About page of your web site is critical. It’s the ideal place to really let your passion come off the page so your target audience will grow to 1) like you; 2) relate to you; 3) trust you; 4) buy from you. happiness-1097321-m

To accomplish this, you want to do more than just paste in your standard third-person professional bio. Instead, start your About page by speaking from the heart in the first person.

Tell your audience what you are passionate about and how you channel this passion into helping them. It’s important here to really come from the heart with your voice.

After you’ve kicked-off your About page with this heartfelt first-person narrative, you can then have a section that summarizes your professional background in the traditional third person style.

Right now I’m in the process of reworking my own web site copy. So I’m going to give you a mini work-in-progress example of how I might set this copy up for myself.

Casey Demchak – Award-winning Copywriter & Consultant

My sincere passion is delivering over-the-top value that helps you skyrocket your success. I am completely dedicated to writing dynamic marketing content and providing coaching services that enable you to:

  •  Build your brand image
  • Generate leads
  • Persuade prospects
  • Power your bottom line
  • Propel your personal achievement

When I talk about sales writing I don’t mean the old school “hype and fluff” techniques that everybody is tired of. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to be “sold” to anymore.

I utilize and teach strategies that are relevant in today’s highly-competitive markets where prospects DEMAND to interact with you in an honest, straightforward two-way dialogue…

After providing a little more information, I will then up with my professional bio. Here is a brief example of how I would present this.

Casey Demchak – Professional Background

Casey is an author, speaker and recognized expert at writing highly-effective marketing copy for a wide range of industry-leading companies. In addition to his Ultimate Sales Writing e-books, he is author of the book, Essential Sales Writing Secrets.

Casey also wrote a chapter on persuasive sales writing that is featured in the book, Advice From The Top: The Expert Guide To B2B Marketing. In addition, he hosted the VoiceAmerica™ Business Internet radio talk show, Essential Marketing Secrets.

I think you’d agree that beginning with a “from the heart first-person” statement about your passion and how exactly you help people is a much stronger way to set up your professional bio.

Plus, it makes you comes across as a caring, real person who wants to interact with your audience.

So take a look at your About page and see if this technique will work for you. I think it will, especially if you just let it flow and speak your truth.

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