Never fall victim to this trap!

I love writing book marketing copy for enthusiastic authors who want to reach a lot of people and make an impact in the world.

However, I always keep an eye out to make sure the authors with whom I work are not lured into a complacency trap that can manifest itself when they fall prey to an infamous book marketing myth.

You shouldn’t fall prey to this myth either.

The myth is that someone else is going to make you a bestselling author by putting in a greater effort to market your book than you are.

A big indicator that you’ve fallen prey to this myth is when you hear yourself saying things like . . .

“There’s no other book like this on the market. It’s going to sell itself.”

“I hired a marketing consultant to really push my book, so I can focus on my writing.”

When I hear statements like this, I know an author has fallen for this myth. This is when I jump in and give them the same strategic book marketing advice I’m about to give you.

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I really encourage you to watch this week’s video because I don’t pull any punches when I bust this myth. Here is a quick summary of the main points you’ll hear me discuss.

First, never believe that your book is so “one-of-a-kind” that it will sell itself. It won’t.

And, don’t believe that your book is so unique that after a few people buy it, a major “word-of-mouth” campaign will take hold and sweep it to bestseller status.

Second, never believe that someone else is going to market your book with so much enthusiasm that you can just sit back and write your next book without getting involved in your own book marketing.

No one will ever share the same passion for your book that you have. No one.

Therefore, even if you enlist the help of a copywriter like me and/or a book marketing consultant or public relations expert, you MUST be passionate about marketing your book.

Remember, when it comes to marketing your book, book marketing consultants have multiple clients to serve. You have only one client to serve – YOU!

I’ve written the book marketing copy for dozens of authors.

I can tell you from firsthand experience that authors who are very active in their own marketing campaigns have greater success than authors who rely solely on others to market their book.

Again, I have a lot more insight to share on this topic in this week’s video. So I encourage you to watch it!

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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