Today I want to focus on a direct response sales writing secret that is often overlooked. It’s called “selling the savings” or “selling the value.” Donut Mouth dude

This is an ideal way to sell B2B consulting services, books, coaching programs, and other products where you can combine bonus giveaways with a limited-time offer.

When I create a Core Message Platform for an information product or consulting program, I always make it a point to include a value demonstration section where I use this technique.

By doing so it provides my clients with strong, persuasive sales copy that can be used when their goal is to have prospects reach for their wallets and buy.

When you write an effective value demonstration, it should make prospects feel they’re receiving tremendous value when compared to what they’re actually paying.

Using this technique is typically done at the tail end of an extended sales page—after you’ve already given a detailed rundown of a product’s primary value and benefits.

So it’s a strategy you use to really wrap things up and close the deal.

The best way to illustrate this copywriting tool is to get right into a detailed example I’ve put together for you. It’s for a fictitious product that would be offered by a business coach.

Again, this copy would come at the latter end of a sales letter, after I’ve already given a nice overview of the product and its benefits.


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