Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in driving traffic to your website. A big part of your SEO effort is incorporating keywords into your website sales copy.

SEO strategies and tactics change almost weekly. However, as a nice little holiday gift I want to provide you with some solid fundamental tips for incorporating keywords into your website.

The really good news? This isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s a lot easier than you think.

First, when you write marketing copy for your site, always keep your list of keywords nearby and then follow these fundamental tips for blending them into your pages. 

Include keywords in headlines and subheads. Headlines are the most valuable real estate in sales writing, so make sure you seed them with your primary keywords.

Mix vital keywords into your home page. The hub of your site is your home page, so it’s a must that you integrate your top keywords here.

Focus keywords on the top of your page. There’s no such thing as dramatic buildup with keywords. Get to them quickly and be sure they’re prominent “above the fold” of each page.

Concentrate keywords in the first half of paragraphs. The first half of your first two sentences in each paragraph should be robust with keywords—with special emphasis on the first five words of each sentence.

Boldface your keywords. This technique can make your keywords standout with Google, but don’t overdo it. Headlines are a natural place to bold words, so take advantage of this. The flip side of this trick is to avoid bolding non keywords.

Keep your pages specific to one topic. For example, if you’re an author who is also a speaker and a coach, create separate pages for each of these things and seed your keywords appropriately. Mixing pages with too many topics and different sets of keywords is always a bad strategy with Google.

Blend, but don’t force your keywords. Google is smart. It can tell if you’re unnaturally stuffing keywords into your content. Be sure to incorporate them seamlessly into the natural flow of your writing.

A simple trick for incorporating keywords into your copy is to think “top left.” Review my tips again and you’ll notice that keywords should predominantly be in headlines, near the top of pages and in the first half of your first two sentences in each paragraph.

Top left is where we tend to focus our eyes when we first glance at a page, so it stands to reason that this is where you want to concentrate your keywords.

Utilize these fundamental keyword strategies when you create or revise your web pages and you may just see a nice little spike in traffic.

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