It’s always an advantage to have a nice benefit-driven tagline that people automatically link to your business or information product. Sub-titles for books are basically taglines, so the tips I’m about to bust out apply equally to authors too. concept

When you develop taglines, be aware that the power is in simplicity. Here is a highly-effective tagline writing formula that is very easy to follow:

  •  Use short, simple words (one to two syllables)
  • Keep it brief (three to six words)
  • State or imply a benefit or action of some kind

It really is that easy. Need some proof? Just think of some consumer companies you have bought products from for several years. In most cases you can link a familiar tagline with the company that you’ve heard repeated over and over again.

People are bombarded by marketing messages every day. The ones we tend to remember are the simple ones that are easy to repeat. Consider these all-time great company taglines:

All-State Insurance – You’re in Good Hands with All-State

Coca Cola – Things Go Better With Coke

Nike – Just Do It

Each of these taglines succeed in the mission of selling their company image because they are basic, easy to remember, and in a subtle way they all communicate a benefit or ask you to take an action.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to be too clever or long winded with your taglines. Again, the power is in being short and sweet.

Remember, short and sweet makes it real easy to remember your tagline. And you want people to remember your tagline because that means they’ll remember you!

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