A Headline Strategy That Snags Copy Skimmers

Two weeks ago, I showed you how easy it is to write basic headlines that attract readers and motivate them to want to learn more about your book.

In last week’s post, I shared my “setup and payoff” technique, which creates a tight connection between your headline and your first line of book marketing copy.

This week I have one more book promotion headline strategy for you, and it’s really cool.

I’m going to show you how to create a headline/subhead sequence that gives headline skimmers a nice selling message about your book … before they read any of your body copy.

Remember, most people are going to skim your book marketing copy before they decide if they want to read it. And what they’re going to skim first is your headlines and subheads.

This tip will help you turn headline skimmers into readers who want to know more about your book.

Learn how to use the technique, and you’ll get more eyeballs on your book marketing copy. And the more eyeballs you get on your marketing copy … the more books you sell.

As I said in my last two posts, headlines are the most important real estate in your book promotion campaign. Never waste the space!

Given this golden rule – let’s jump into this week’s tip.

Grab Them with This Headline/Subhead Sequence

This is a great strategy when writing website sales page copy for your book. It can also be used effectively when creating promotional emails and sales sheets.

You can also leverage a scaled-down version of this technique when writing your back cover copy and Amazon description.

Here’s the strategy in a nutshell.

If readers scan down your website sales page and only read your headlines and subheads, you want them to receive a cohesive message that states or implies the benefits of reading your book.

To illustrate this strategy, here is an example of website sales page copy for a fictitious book called, The Soul of Your Business.

You’ll notice that this example doesn’t include any body copy – only a main headline and a series of subheads.

However, if all you do is skim the headlines and subheads, you’ll receive a strong sense of what you’ll gain from reading this book. You’ll also get a firm call to action urging you to buy the book to receive the free bonuses that come with it.


Discover the Book that Blends Business with Soul

The Soul of Your Business
Arthur Author

Integrate Mindfulness with Entrepreneurial Success

(Body copy goes here … )

Create Financial Abundance through Appreciation and Focus

(Body copy goes here … )

Turn Your Profession into a Purpose-Driven Journey

(Body copy goes here … )

View Your Company as a Living Being and Not a Machine

(Body copy goes here … )

Purchase this Book TODAY and Receive 3 Special Bonus Gifts!

(offer copy goes here … )

Again, when you skim these headlines and subheads, you gain a strong sense of what you’ll learn by reading this book.

If this topic was of interest to you, there’s a great chance you’d go from skimming the subheads to reading the marketing copy between the subheads.

As I mentioned earlier, this headline/subhead writing strategy is ideal for website sales pages and sales sheets.

But I’m sure you can see how a scaled-down version can be used to write promotional e-blasts and even your book’s Amazon description.

Remember, book buyers are typically going to skim your headlines and subheads and then decide if they want to read your body copy.

If you master this headline/subhead writing technique, you’ll turn more skimmers into readers, and more readers into book buyers!

Until next time, take a lot of action and make things happen!



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