Copywriting for coaches and authors is always an exciting process. When working on message development over the years, I’ve noticed some of you overlook or under emphasize your media contact page.

If you scan several coach and author websites, you’ll usually find pages that tell the media how to contact them for interviews. But to really get noticed, your marketing copy needs a little more. 

To engage the media, you must take it further and tell the them 1) WHY they should contact you; and 2) WHAT their audience can expect to gain through an interview with you.

Remember, today your potential for media interviews is greater than ever. You can still arrange interviews with traditional print publications, TV, and radio shows. Those opportunities haven’t gone away.

However, every topic niche now has a sea of websites, digital publications, and podcasts with large audiences associated with it.

So, your opportunity to generate publicity through media interviews is bigger than ever. This is why it is so important to spend the time needed to develop an engaging media contact page if you’re a coach and/or author.

4 Simple Steps

Here are four easy steps to developing an attention-getting media contact page, followed by an example.


Create an engaging headline treatment that brings your passion and attitude to life. This immediately tells the media that behind your book or program is a person with a bold personality. Remember, the media LOVES lively personalities.


Be confident and dynamic as you build a narrative around WHY the media should be interested in you. Sure, you’ve published a book or information product – but tons of people have. Tell them something about your background and/or your attitude and passion that really jumps off the page.


Develop a sharp, punchy outline of what viewers and listeners can expect to gain from you through media interviews. Again, be confident and compelling. Create a power-packed set of bullet points that spell out the key points you’re ready and willing to share through an interview.


Conclude with a clear call to action that tells visitors how to contact you and arrange a media interview. To double your chances, include a contact link and a contact phone number in your call to action.

Make it as easy as possible for people to connect with you and give you publicity!

In the following media contact page example, I’ve labeled each of the four steps in my process. I wrote this copy for Dr. Michael Galitzer to promote his book, Outstanding Health. As you’ll see, it follows my simple four-step process.


There are 6 Essentials Keys to Outstanding Health

Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Them

Dr. Michael Galitzer Does

(STEP 1)

That’s why Tony Robbins, Suzanne Somers and respected figures from around the world flock to visit him at his clinic in Santa Monica, CA.

They travel great distances to see Dr. Galitzer because he provides an innovative form of treatment that addresses their total health and fills them with vibrant energy.

They come to see him because he’s recognized around the world as a leading expert in anti-age treatments, optimal weight and weight-loss programs, and hormone solutions.

Through his 6 Essential Keys to Outstanding Health Dr. Galitzer’s patients become empowered to…

  • Look and feel much younger than they are
  • Achieve and maintain their ideal body weight
  • Detect and treat hidden health risks long before they progress to disease
  • Restore their health after other doctors have run out of treatment options
  • Take complete command of their mind, body and spirit
  • Recapture levels of energy and excitement they enjoyed when they were young

His ability to attain such life-changing results is why Dr. Michael Galitzer’s insights have been featured in numerous national publications and radio interviews.

His long-awaited book, Outstanding Health, details exactly how to combine the wisdom of age with newfound energy that will keep your audience feeling young and sexy into their 80’s, 90’s and beyond!

(STEP 2)

During an interview with Dr. Galitzer your listeners will learn about his innovations in anti-age treatments, weight-control and hormone management solutions.

They’ll also discover how following his 6 Essential Keys to Outstanding Health will inject more energy and enthusiasm into their lives.

  1. Cleanse and fortify your mind by taking complete command of your mental states
  2. Clean and renew your body by ridding it of energy-robbing toxins
  3. Nourish and energize your body with foods that fuel and sustain your vitality
  4. Ignite your energy through optimal workout and mindfulness routines
  5. Regenerate your health by utilizing cutting-edge Energy Medicine testing devices
  6. Optimize your bodily functions by skillfully managing your hormone levels

Dr. Galitzer can easily customize his interview to blend with your show’s topic, whether it be as a solo guest or as a participant on an expert panel. Plus, he is very engaging and comes prepared with numerous tips, facts, and examples that will capture and hold your audience.

(STEP 3)

There’s a reason movers and shakers around the globe go out of their way to visit personally with Dr. Galitzer.

In today’s health conscious world, your listeners will benefit from knowing why.

(STEP 2 – Reiterated)

Contact Dr. Galitzer for print, radio, podcast or TV interviews about Outstanding Health. You can also arrange your interview with him at 310. XXX-XXXX.

(STEP 4)


Will this post help you write media contact copy that compels podcasters and other interviewers to contact you? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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