Master the Bestseller Marketing Mindset In 4 Steps

I hope those of you here in the U.S. had a relaxing Thanksgiving break. I really enjoyed going on a few gratitude hikes with my dog Ranger on the nearby trails here in Denver. It’s amazing what long walks in the cool mountain air can do for your mind, body, and soul.

In my last post, I discussed what it takes for authors to develop a bestseller mindset. This week I continue my book marketing copy foundation series by answering a simple question authors ask me frequently:

“Why is strong book marketing copy so important?”

Well, I have three big reasons why book marketing copy is so important, and you can find out what they are in this week’s video.

First off, forget the “If you build it, they will come approach” to marketing your book. It just doesn’t work. There’s just way too much competition out there.

Hundreds of thousands of books are self-published each year. So the odds of someone “discovering” your book through word of mouth or simply because it’s good are minimal at best.

This means you have to market your book consistently to build a large following, make an impact, and sell lots of copies.

When you understand why engaging marketing copy is so important to your book promotion campaign, you’ll be in a solid position to reach more people and sell more books!

So I really encourage you to watch this week’s video.

To To find out why strong book marketing copy is so critical,
watch this week’s Book Marketing Copy Quick Tip video.



In this week’s video, I provide three essential reasons why developing dynamic marketing copy is crucial to your book promotion campaign. Here is a brief overview of the main points you’ll hear me cover.

Give Your Book a More Professional Image

Your book promotion copy creates the first impression readers have of your book – and you! This is because your audience reads your book marketing copy before they actually read your book.

Poorly written marketing copy reflects poorly on your book. On the other hand, engaging book marketing copy elevates your book and your stature as an author.

In a nutshell, well-written marketing copy will shine a positive light on your book in a crowded market and set you apart as an author. Combine these two elements together and you’ll sell more books.

Feel More Confident Marketing Your Book

When you have effective website, back cover, eblast, and Amazon description copy at your fingertips, you’ll feel confident and excited about marketing your book.

You’ll also have the means to repurpose your copy to create sales sheets, postcards, social media content, and other marketing materials.

This will put you in a good position to run long-term promotions that can lead to ongoing royalty income years after your book’s been published.

Bottom line, having enticing marketing copy at your fingertips gives you the confidence you need to promote your book and sell more copies.

Motivate Readers to Buy Your Book NOW!

Using social media to build a “buzz” about your book is a sound marketing tactic.

However, at some point you need to write compelling marketing copy that motivates people to BUY your book NOW instead of later . . . or never.

When you know how to craft conversational marketing messages that motivate people to buy, you’re in a powerful position to sell more books and achieve bestseller status.

Again, I cover each of these points in more detail in the week’s video. So I really encourage you to watch it.

Until next time, take action and make things happen!


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