The Simple Way to Beat Marketing Copy Writer's Block

For the last several weeks I’ve shared a lot of insights with you about how to write strong book promotion copy for your back cover, website sales page, Amazon description, and more.

Now for the next few weeks I’m going to reveal several secrets to revising and polishing your book marketing copy.

After all, editing and revising is where the “magic” happens when it comes to creating marketing copy that grabs and engages book buyers.

As I always say, good writing is rewriting and great writing is rewriting some more!

So before you call your book marketing copy “done,” you’ll want to revise it at least a few times to give it the tone, style, and polish that makes it stand out so more people buy your book!

To learn three big essential copy revision secrets, watch
this week’s Book Marketing Copy Quick Tip video.



Presentation Means Everything

Again, if you want to write strong book promotion copy, you have to put a lot of time into editing and revising.

After I’ve written the first draft of a client’s book marketing copy, it’s not uncommon for me to revise and edit it four, five, six, or eight times before the author ever sees it.

It’s during these rounds of revisions where I really focus on detail, style, tone, voice, and how the copy is presented on the page.

Yes, presentation means everything when writing book marketing copy. You’ll find out exactly why when you watch this week’s video where I explain why it’s important to:

  • Allow yourself to write “average-at-best” first drafts
  • Recognize that great copy flows from extensive revisions
  • Make sure your marketing copy matches the tone of your book
  • Read your copy out loud as part of your editing process
  • Present your copy in a format that is “at-a-glance-friendly”

The more time and attention you put into your book marketing copy, the more effective it’s going to be.

This concept will be even clearer to you when you watch this week’s video.

Until next time, take action and make things happen!


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