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Congratulations! If you are visiting this page I know you’ve made a tremendous investment in your success by registering for Amber Ludwig’s incredible Authentic Business Success Summit.

I also know you are a heartfelt person with an important message to share, and that you care a lot about giving back to community and supporting the wonderful charities connected to this event.

As an author, coach and copywriting expert, I sincerely want to help you realize your dreams by giving you materials that enable you to shape dynamic and authentic marketing messages for your business.

Before you select your FREE bonus gifts I want to wish you massive success. You can achieve this by setting your intentions; believing you deserve success; and by taking A LOT of inspired actions.


Go for it! The world has been waiting to hear from you!


Gift #1 – Ebook: How to Master Persuasive Sales Writing Secrets
There’s writing to please your English teacher and then there’s writing to sell products and services—and they’re two completely different animals. This e-book guides you through a proven success formula for writing authentic sales copy that motivates your prospects to reach for their wallets.
$40 Value

Gift #2 – Ebook: How to Create and Build Key Message Copy Platforms
When prospects are presented with inconsistent sales messages throughout your marketing channels they instinctively say ‘no’ and move on. To create powerful, repeatable messaging you first need to develop a Key Message Copy Platform.

Once completed, it serves as the springboard for writing consistent benefit-driven messaging throughout your campaign. This e-book takes you step-by-step through the process of creating this secret weapon for all your products.
$40 Value

Gift #3 – Video: 12 Essential Lead-generation Sales Writing Strategies
This fast-moving and inspiring 10-minute video takes you through a 12-point checklist for making sure your lead-generation sales copy contains essential elements that engage prospects, holds their attention and motivates them to take the next step in your buying process.
$60 Value

Gift #4 – Teleseminar – Expert Insights into Writing Landing Pages That Sell Products
It’s a fact. People glance at web pages and make immediate decisions about whether to stay or go. This information-rich one-hour teleseminar will provide you with a truckload of expert secrets on how to write a landing page that hooks prospects and motivates them to hit the ORDER button and buy your products.
$130 Value

Gift #5 – Free One-hour Copywriting Coaching Call – LIMITED TO 7 PEOPLE
Jump at the chance to pick my brain for an hour! Seven people will be randomly selected so go for it! In one-on-one conversations I keep things personable, lively and inspiring. Plus, when I get on a roll I can share a lot of great information about sales writing in one hour.
$175 Value



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