Author’s Copywriting Toolkit

Your Challenge

You’ve poured your heart and soul into writing your book. Now you’re confronted with the challenge of writing marketing materials that make your book stand out in a competitive market.

The questions can be daunting …

  1. “How do I write sharp, concise back cover copy?”
  2. “What’s the secret to writing website pages with a message sequence that motivates people to buy my book?”
  3. “What are the secrets to writing dynamic e-blasts, social media posts, press releases, sales sheets, and more?”

Your Solution

Joel Friedlander is one of the most respected experts in the independent publishing world. So, I jumped at the chance to work with Joel and his team at to create the ultimate “do-it-yourself” guide to writing a Core Message Platform™ for your book.

In this easy-to-follow 86-page instructional PDF, you’ll learn ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I know about how to write compelling marketing copy for …

  • Slogans
  • Book back cover copy
  • Website home page copy
  • Website about the author page
  • Media interview speaking points
  • Postcard copy
  • Press releases
  • Social media blurbs/tweets

  • 30-second pitch copy
  • Amazon descriptions
  • Website sales landing pages
  • Website media contact page
  • Promotional e-blasts
  • Sales sheet copy
  • Endorsement quotes

Packed with 86 pages of Detailed Instruction, Blueprints, and Examples!

Core Message Marketing Toolkit | Learn Step by Step How to Create and Write a Core Message Platform for Your Book

Plus, I’ll Show You How to SAVE $30 on Your Order

Bundle marketing copy for all these promotional pieces into one 15- to 20-page document, and you’ll have a message platform for your book that empowers you to …

  • Market your book with confidence and certainty
  • Have strong, consistent selling statements across all your marketing channels
  • Create a memorable, positive image for your book
  • Touch your target audience on an emotional level
  • Build loyal fans and create a large following
  • Sell more books!

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Order my 86-page Core Message Marketing Toolkit instructional guide through, and you’ll also receive 4 FREE BONUS ARTICLES

  • How to Make Your Book Marketing Copy “At-a-Glance” Friendly
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  • My Can’t-Miss Website Headline Writing Secret
  • 3 Book Sales Landing Page Mistakes You Must Avoid!


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Core Message Marketing Toolkit