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Create Dynamic Message Platforms and Lead-Gen Materials by Working With a Medical Marketing Copywriting Expert

Having been a leading medical marketing copywriter since 1995, I thoroughly understand the unique challenges you face when creating Core Message Platforms™ and lead-generation materials for the medical industry.

  • I know how to write compelling copy that stays within FDA guidelines.
  • I understand the difference between 510K and PMA devices.
  • I’m aware that you cannot tout the “off label” benefits of a device.
  • I’m very aware that all your marketing claims must be substantiated by clinical evidence, and I have a great deal of experience writing within these parameters.
  • I’ll help you solve the problems that come with the need to write compelling marketing copy when you “can’t say much” about your product.
  • I know how to effectively write within given levels of “risk tolerance” as established by your regulatory and legal departments.
  • I have a proven skill of making complex product benefits easy to understand through straightforward, believable copy.

Casey Demchak being interviewed as part of the LightGroup’s Expert Insight Series on how he develops Key Message Copy Platforms for healthcare and medical device marketing programs.

“I’d highly recommend Casey Demchak. Over the years he’s crafted many successful marketing messages for my brochures, web pages, direct mail packages and digital content. The result has been increased sales and greater brand recognition for all my products.”

Sara Allison-DeRousse

Market Manager, Mentor Corporation

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Extensive Medical Experience

The medical device and healthcare services for which I’ve written Core Message Platforms™, lead-generation and patient education materials include:

  • Breast implants for augmentation and reconstruction
  • Liposuction devices
  • Heart disease awareness programs
  • Penile implants
  • Dialysis devices
  • Sling procedure products
  • Sleep apnea risk assessment modules
  • Pelvic floor reconstruction materials
  • Brachytherapy seeds for prostate cancer treatment
  • Hospital and physician rating reports
  • Practice management services and software
  • Spinal implants for back surgery
  • Intraocular lens products for cataract surgery
  • Laryngectomy devices
  • Transcutaneous monitoring systems
  • And more!

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