5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy

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5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy

In this inspiring single-module video instruction program you’ll discover …


2 compelling reasons why great book marketing copy is so important


5 book marketing copy secrets bestselling authors use to sell more books


1 bonus insight that empowers you to get perfect endorsements for your book!

Find out how to write compelling book marketing copy that motivates readers to buy your book NOW instead of later …or never. Acclaimed copywriter Casey Demchak will show you how.

This program is like having Casey beside you as you write!

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“Casey Demchak is world-class copywriter who has helped numerous Hasmark authors achieve international bestseller status with his persuasive sales writing expertise. If you’re an author, speaker, or a coach with a book or information product to market – you should contact Casey right now!”

Judy O'Beirn
Hasmark Publishing

Dear Author,

The quality of your marketing copy is the foundation of your book promotion campaign, and it has an enormous impact on the number of books you sell.

Put simply, writing strong marketing copy could be exactly what you need to enhance your image as an author and make your book a bestseller.

When this happens, you’ll be introduced to people for the rest of your life as a “bestselling author!

Sound exciting? Sure it does. But what does it take to write marketing copy that inspires readers to pull out their credit card and buy your book?

Casey Demchak

Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and a recognized expert at writing high-performance marketing materials for dozens of authors who have reached Amazon bestseller and even international bestseller status.

He’s achieved this by ignoring outdated “hype and fluff” sales writing tricks that just don’t work anymore. Instead, he employs authentic conversational copywriting techniques that use benefit-driven statements, emotion, and storytelling to compel readers to buy books.

I Pull Back the Curtain and Show You 5 PROVEN Secrets

You don't have to guess your way through writing your book promotion copy and hope you get it right.

In just a couple clicks you can gain access to five proven secrets I’ve leveraged to write compelling book marketing copy for numerous bestselling authors.

In this single-module online course, 5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy, I use video instruction, inspiration, humor, and a bunch of examples to show you exactly how you can …


Write benefit-driven headlines that hook and engage your audience


Focus your copy on what readers will get out of your book – benefits and takeaways!


Paint “solution pictures” with your words that establish you as an authority


Develop “at-a-glance” friendly marketing copy that attracts readers instantly


Create a subhead sequence that entices people to read your copy – instead of just skim it

Plus, I’ve included an important BONUS secret where I reveal how you can get perfect endorsements for your book. I’ve used this technique hundreds of times for my clients and it really works.

You can do this. It's easier than you think!

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“Casey-WOW!! This sales page for my book is absolutely incredible! If this does not get someone to purchase my book, then I do not know what will. Thank you so much. You are EXCELLENT at your profession!!!”

Robert Bloch
Best Selling Author, My Warren Buffett Bible

It’s Like Having Me Right Beside You as You Write!

5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is as close as you can get to having me sit next to you as you write your book promotion materials.

My step-by-step video instruction is straightforward and down to earth.

I also mix in plenty of humor and inspiration to keep things upbeat and energizing.

Plus, I don’t bog you down in marketing theories or heavy-duty copywriting jargon.

I just give you the top five book marketing copy secrets you need to make people want to buy your book NOW, instead of later ..or never.

“Casey, I am so pleased with your sales copy I could almost shed some tears!! This is wonderful and you nailed it. THANK YOU!”

Builder Boost
Kim Guley
Builder Boost

Here's What You Get!

5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is a single-module online course that includes four videos.

Each brief, easy-to-follow video can be watched conveniently during a work break, at lunch, or while you’re relaxing at home. You can:


Access the modules anytime, 24/7


View the modules on any device: desktop, laptop or mobile


Stop a video anytime. (It will start again where you left off)


Download the PDF handouts, slides, and other resources

During each video you’ll see me on screen as I walk you through five proven book marketing copy secrets that I apply to all the bestseller campaigns on which I work. 

I use slides, clear instruction, plenty of real-world examples, humor and inspiration! You'll definitely have some fun as you discover my most important book marketing copy secrets.

FREE BONUS Materials that Come with Your Program!

(A $175 Value!)

In addition to the four instructional videos you receive when you purchase 5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy, I’ve also added some valuable bonus materials that include:


PDF files of all my PowerPoint presentation slides


A PDF checklist that summarizes my five bestseller book marketing copy secrets


Bonus Video #1: Master the Bestseller Mindset


Bonus Video #2: How to Use Bonuses to Sell more Books

The two bonus videos alone will get you fired up and add tremendous value to your book promotion campaign.

Get It All for ONLY $29.95!

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“Casey wrote sales messages for my book that are sharp, concise and on target. After pouring my heart into my book, it was very helpful having his fresh perspective and sales writing expertise just a phone call away.”

Diane Maroney, Author, The Imagine Project: Stories of Courage, Hope and Love
Dianne Maroney
Author, The Imagine Project: Stories of Courage, Hope and Love

Begin Your Bestseller Journey Today

5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is like having me in your office as I teach you my five big secrets for writing conversational marketing copy that helps you sell more books.

If I actually did help you write your book marketing copy in person it would cost you much, much more and I’d probably expect some snacks to keep me going. 

However, when you purchase 5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you’ll gain access to my proven copywriting techniques and the free bonuses listed above for ONLY $29.95!

This means you only have to sell a couple extra books to recoup your investment.

You can also upgrade to my special VIP LEVEL where you’ll receive my 5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy program and a live 90-minute consultation with me using Zoom video conferencing.

During this live online session I’ll review and critique the marketing copy you’ve written for your book based on my course instruction.

Both of these affordable options require only a small investment that will help you grow your crowd, build your reputation, and sell more books!

5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy

5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy

I have over 25 years of experience writing persuasive marketing copy. And, I’ve written promotional copy for over three dozen books that have become Amazon bestsellers.

So, after all the hard work you put into writing your book, don't let it be published with poor marketing copy that costs you sales. That would be a shame.

Instead, take the first step on your bestselling journey today!

Discover my five big secrets to writing
bestseller book marketing copy!

Writing book marketing copy is easier than you think. You can do this!

To your success,

Casey Demchak
Founder, Book Marketing Copy

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P.S. You’ll receive lifetime online access to this program. This means you’ll automatically have access to module updates and any additional bonuses I add to the program over time!

Risk-Free 60-Day Guarantee

I want to eliminate any risk when you invest in my Book Marketing Copy courses by including this risk-free guarantee.

If within the first 60 days of purchasing 5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you are not completely satisfied with the course, I’ll refund your purchase price – No questions asked.

24/7 On-Demand Access

Important Note: This program is intended to teach you valuable book marketing copywriting skills. Purchasing this program and learning the writing skills it teaches does not guarantee that your book will become a bestseller.