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How to Write Bestseller Marketing Copy for Your Nonfiction Book

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Discover how simple it can be to…


Follow step-by-step formulas and templates used by bestselling authors


Develop engaging headlines that instantly grab the attention of readers


Craft persuasive marketing copy that motivates people to buy your book

Increase your book sales and elevate your stature
with enticing book marketing materials.

This program is like having me beside you as I teach you
everything I know about how to write them.

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World-class copywriter

“Casey Demchak is world-class copywriter who has helped numerous Hasmark authors achieve international bestseller status with his persuasive sales writing expertise. If you’re an author, speaker, or a coach with a book or information product to market – you should contact Casey right now!”

Judy O'Beirn
Hasmark Publishing

Dear Author,

There’s no getting around it. Your marketing copy has an enormous impact on book sales.

Knowing how to write strong marketing copy could be the skill you need to become a bestselling author and create a monthly revenue stream with your book!

Sound exciting? Sure it does. But how the heck do you write compelling marketing materials that motivate readers to buy your book NOW instead of later …or never.

Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and a recognized expert at writing high-performance marketing materials for dozens of authors who have reached Amazon bestseller and even international bestseller status.

He’s achieved this by ignoring outdated “hype and fluff” sales writing tricks that just don’t work anymore. Instead, he employs authentic conversational copywriting techniques that use benefit-driven statements, emotion, and storytelling to compel readers to buy books.

Let Me Walk You Through PROVEN Formulas!

You don't have to guess your way through writing your book promotion copy and hope you get it right.

That’s because in just a couple clicks you can gain access to the proven formulas, templates, and strategies I’ve used to write engaging marketing materials for numerous Amazon bestsellers.

In my online class, Bestseller Book Marketing Copy, I use video instruction, proven strategies, and numerous examples to show you step-by-step how to ...


Draw from tested templates to write marketing copy that grabs and engages book buyers


Hook potential readers instantly with a magnetic opening to your body copy


Detail your book’s primary benefits using everyday conversational language


Craft powerful, punchy closing lines that leave potential buyers wanting more


Leverage and place endorsement quotes in your marketing copy for maximum impact


Write interactive author bio copy that builds and celebrates your credibility

You can do this. It's easier than you think!

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You are EXCELLENT at your profession

“Casey-WOW!! This sales page for my book is absolutely incredible! If this does not get someone to purchase my book, then I do not know what will. Thank you so much. You are EXCELLENT at your profession!!!”

Robert Bloch
Best Selling Author, My Warren Buffett Bible

It’s Like Having Me Right Beside You as You Write!

Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is as close as you can get to having me sit right beside you as you write your marketing materials.

My step-by-step video instruction is straightforward and down to earth.
I also inject plenty of humor and inspiration to keep things light and fun.

Plus, I don’t bog you down in marketing theories or heavy-duty copywriting jargon. I just show you exactly what you need to know to write exceptional promotional copy for your book.

No Outdated Hype and Fluff Techniques

What you will NOT learn through Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is old-school Madison Avenue hype and sizzle writing.

Your audience is tired of this approach. And besides, it just doesn’t work when you’re selling books.

Instead, you’ll find out how to write persuasive marketing copy in a style that feels like a casual conversation between you and a potential book buyer.

Kim Guley

“Casey, I am so pleased with your sales copy I could almost shed some tears!! This is wonderful and you nailed it. THANK YOU!”

Builder Boost
Kim Guley
Builder Boost

4 Basic Teaching Modules

I understand you just want to get your book marketing copy done — and done right! So I’ve designed this course so you can write your copy as you move through each module.

The four modules I’ve created focus on the marketing materials dozens of authors have told me they’d like to know how to write effectively.

Module 1: Smart Preparation

Work through 5 self-interview questions that prepare you to write enticing book marketing copy.

Module 2: Back Cover Copy

7 short and easy steps to crafting back cover that inspires readers to look inside your book.

Module 3: Amazon Description

6 basic steps to converting your back cover copy into your Amazon description.

Module 4: “New School” About the Author Page

4 steps to writing authentic first-person bio copy that tells your story and connects you with book buyers.

By the end of the course you should have marketing copy written in a style that helps you boost your book sales!

And to make it even easier...

The program also includes handy TEMPLATE EXAMPLE PDF documents that summarize and demonstrate the formulas and techniques you’ll be learning.

Plus, you’ll receive copies of all my PowerPoint slides.

24/7 On-Demand Access

Casey played a HUGE role in my book becoming an international bestseller

“The Core Message Platform Casey developed for my book, Journaling Power, played a HUGE role in it becoming an international bestseller. If you need moving, persuasive sales messages written for your books and information products, Casey Demchak should be the first name you think of! #WriteON!”

Mari L. McCarthy

Here's How It Works!

Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is an on-demand online class that includes four primary video instruction modules.

Each module includes a series of short, easy-to-follow videos you can watch conveniently whenever you want. You can:


Access the modules anytime, 24/7.


View the modules on any device: desktop, laptop or mobile.


Stop a video anytime. (It will start again where you left off)


Download the PDF handouts, tips sheets, slides and other resources.

The four modules show you step-by-step how to prepare and write these marketing materials for your book.

1. Back cover copy

2. Amazon description

3. Interactive author bio/about copy

During each video you’ll see me on screen talking directly to you as I guide you through proven marketing copy strategies and formulas.

I use slides, clear instruction, plenty of real-world examples, and some humor and inspiration! You'll definitely have some fun while you get your book marketing copy written.


Just two… because we all hate the overwhelm thing.

When you invest in Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you’ll receive TWO FREE BONUSES TRAININGS that are loaded with information that will help you sell books and gain new fans.


How to Get Perfect Book Endorsements

A $97 Value!

One ingredient to writing strong winning book marketing copy is getting endorsements from thought leaders and industry experts your audience will recognize.

In this special bonus training, I provide you with a "secret" method for obtaining the exact endorsement quotes you want from market influencers.

I know… it sounds like a gimmick or something – but it’s not. This is a simple and practical strategy I’ve used dozens of times to help authors get awesome endorsements. It really does work!

In fact, when you enroll in Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you may want to jump ahead to this bonus training first, so you can use the technique right away!


Casey’s Top 9 Copy Polishing Secrets

A $147 Value!

Good writing is rewriting, and great writing is rewriting some more. In this bonus training I show you how to refine and polish your marketing copy, so it has a sharp professional edge to it.

Clients often ask me to “work my magic” when writing their book marketing copy. Just between you and me …it isn’t really magic or a “gift” I have.

Instead, it’s a deliberate process of steps I take to edit and polish the copy I write.

In this special training I reveal my top nine editing and polishing tips, so you can refine your book marketing copy… and make people think it’s magic.


Again, each module comes with a PDF file that provides you with template examples of book marketing materials I’ve written for multiple books!

These templates alone are a tremendous added value!

24/7 On-Demand Access

I highly suggest working with Casey

“Working with Casey allowed me to clearly express the value in my book, and to create a compelling message for my perfect readers. I have received so many compliments on the back cover! If you’re thinking about publishing a book or want to sell more books, I highly suggest working with Casey so you can make a great impact and bring consistent revenue with your book.”

Cloris Kylie
Bestselling author of Beyond Influencer Marketing

To Sum It Up – Here’s Everything You Get!

In a nutshell, here’s what you receive when you enroll in Bestseller Book Marketing Copy.


  1. Introduction/Smart preparation
  2. Back cover
  3. Amazon description
  4. How to write a “new school” About the Author page

BONUS TRAINING #1: How to Get Perfect Book Endorsements ($97 Value!)
BONUS TRAINING #2: Casey’s Top 9 Copy Polishing Secrets ($147 Value)

BONUS Template Examples!

Casey is one of the most impressive people I have ever met

“Casey is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. He is a brilliant copywriter that is more than capable of producing high-end results on any copy job from website, to video, to keynote speeches and more. More than that even, he is one of the most aware, heart-centered, kind, conscious, giving people I’ve ever met.”

Amber Vilhauer
NGNG Enterprises

You Get All of This for a Much Lower Investment Than You Might Imagine!

First, the two bonus training sessions you receive have a combined value of $244.

And as I mentioned earlier, Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is as close as you can get to having me beside you as you write your book marketing materials.

But if I did visit you in person to help write your book marketing copy… it would cost you a few thousand dollars or more – and you’d probably have to give me some snacks to keep me going.


When you enroll in Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you can learn everything I know, plus receive the free bonus training sessions I told you about for…

ONLY $297!

If you sell your book for $20… you only need
to sell 15 copies to recoup your investment!

24/7 On-Demand Access

Limited-Time Offer – Enroll Today

Enrollment in Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is only open for a few days… and then it closes. So, you need to act quickly!

When you do you’ll experience a transformation through which you gain the ability to write enticing marketing materials for your book.

This will make you feel much more excited and certain
about promoting your book for the long term!

PLUS, you can also apply the copywriting tips I teach you to other marketing materials you may write for your business… or digital programs based on your book.

Access to Twice-Monthly Zoom Room Q&A’s!

When you enroll in Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you’ll also receive invitations to my twice-monthly Zoom room calls. During these casual office hour sessions you’ll be able to… 

  • Ask me questions about your book marketing copy challenges
  • Interact with other authors who are creating their book marketing copy
  • Get inspired, stay motivated, and meet accountability partners

You Can Do This. It’s Easier Than You Think!

I have over 25 years of experience writing persuasive marketing copy. And I’ve written promotional copy for over three dozen books that have become Amazon bestsellers.

So, after all the hard work you put into writing your book, don't let it be published with poor marketing copy that costs you sales. That would be a shame.

Instead, take the first step on your bestseller journey today!

Tap into my expertise right now and learn everything
I know about how to write great book marketing copy.

To your success,

Casey Demchak

Bestseller Book Marketing Copy

24/7 On-Demand Access

ONLY $297!

If you sell your book for $20… you only need
to sell 15 copies to recoup your investment!

P.S. Remember, you’ll receive PDF example templates you can use as a guideline for writing engaging marketing copy that helps you sell more books! 

P.S.S. You’ll receive lifetime online access to this program. This means you’ll automatically have access to module updates and any additional bonuses I add to the program over time!

24/7 On-Demand Access

Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

I want to eliminate any risk when you invest in Bestseller Book Marketing Copy by including this risk-free guarantee.

If within the first 14 days of purchasing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you are not completely satisfied with the class, I’ll refund your purchase price – No questions asked.

Important Note: This program is intended to teach you valuable book marketing copywriting skills. Purchasing this program and learning the writing skills it teaches does not guarantee that your book will become a bestseller.