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“Done-With-You” Copy Editing for Coaches and Authors

Need Help Polishing Marketing Copy You’ve Written Yourself?

Upload It to Google Docs and We’ll Work
on It Together in Real Time

Writing marketing copy that motivates prospects to buy can be a challenge for coaches, speakers, and authors.

However, maybe all you need is help with a small project you’ve tried to write yourself. Something like back cover copy, a sales page, an e-blast sequence, a video script, or an About page. If this is the position you’re in right now, I can help you.

Your solution is my “done-with-you” copy editing service. It’s like hanging out with me in my office as I edit your copy. Here’s how it works:

    • Upload your document to Google docs (or I can do it for you).
    • Next, we’ll make sure we both have an access link to your file in Google docs.
    • Then, we’ll jump on the phone, Skype or Zoom and work on your copy together in real time.
    • In one hour, I’ll roll up my sleeves and edit your document as much as I possibly can.
    • As I work, I’ll also provide you with expert insights you can use to further polish your copy.

No Package Plans – I’m Just Here When You Need Me

My real-time, “done-with-you” Google docs editing rate is $195 per hour. If one hour does the trick, great. If you need more time, we can do that too. It’s up to you.


      • Supply you with any ARTICLES I’ve written related to your copywriting challenge
      • Send you EXAMPLES and TEMPLATES that match up with what you’re writing


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These online sessions are like hanging out with me as I edit your copy.
So, why not tap into my award-winning copywriting expertise today?

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