Ultimate Sales Writing: The Inside Secrets

It’s a fact. In successful marketing campaigns that move prospects and motivate them to buy, the difference is still the writing.

The Inside Secrets provides you with hundreds of dynamic sales writing tips that will take your marketing programs to a much more professional level. You’ll learn:

  • Essential building blocks of great sales writing
  • Proven techniques for creating attention-grabbing headlines
  • Expert advice on how to select just the right voice for your writing
  • Cutting edge techniques that give your copy a professional polish

In addition, you’ll learn how to write powerful marketing materials that engage, persuade and inspire people to take the next step in your buying process.

Let’s face it: To make your marketing materials stand out from your competitors they need to be expertly written. And to write marketing materials like an expert, you need to know what the experts know.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in The Inside Secrets. Using multiple examples and straightforward language, Casey Demchak will teach you:

  • How to decide whether your marketing materials should be “copy heavy” or “copy light”
  • Why simple words and short sentences sell
  • Which grammar rules are good to break
  • How using “fear” can be a great writing strategy
  • Which sales writing mistakes you should always avoid

Bottom line, you’ll learn exactly how to craft marketing pieces that:

  • Grab people
  • Generate leads
  • Persuade people
  • Sell products
  • Make you successful

Learning just a few of the proven tips and strategies in The Inside Secrets could be all it takes to give your marketing program the jumpstart it needs to generate the success you’ve always wanted.

So why not tap into Casey Demchak’s award-winning sales writing expertise by downloading your copy today!

Ultimate Sales Writing: How to Create Powerful Key Message Copy Platforms

It’s a hard reality. When your customers are presented with unclear, inconsistent or muddled marketing messages, they instinctively say “no,” and move on.

However, creating consistent selling statements throughout your marketing materials can be difficult. Especially when you’re under the gun to produce a sales letter by the end of the day and a video script by the end of the week—not to mention a new web page that’s due ASAP.

This e-book provides you with a secret weapon that will assure your marketing campaign materials always have consistent and persuasive marketing messages.

Your weapon is a Key Message Copy Platform that includes a series of strong, benefit-driven selling statements about your product.

This fast-moving e-book will take you through the process of creating comprehensive Key Message Copy Platforms that guarantee your marketing materials have convincing benefit-driven sales statements. You’ll learn how to:

  • Write memorable tag lines
  • Develop a distinctive voice for your campaign
  • Create compelling unique selling proposition statements
  • Build and grow a stable of customer testimonials
  • Describe the human value in each of your product benefits
  • Develop product positioning strategies
  • Build powerful benefit-driven selling messages
  • Create persuasive replies that overcome potential product objections
  • And much more!

Once completed, your Key Message Copy Platform becomes the springboard for writing a wide range of high-impact marketing materials that have a consistent tone and message throughout your traditional, digital and social media programs.

This is a much more effective strategy than writing marketing materials one at a time on a “make-it-up-as-you-go” basis.

Ready to put this secret weapon to work for you?

This e-book includes numerous examples and tips that will immediately help you kickoff your own Key Message Copy Platform. So download your copy today!