Having video on your web site today is a must. In fact having video as part of your marketing content mix has gone from being a bonus for your web site to something your visitors expect. YouTube Logo

If you have a landing page dedicated to your product, service or book, it needs an engaging video. Again, people expect it. In addition to being lively, visitors expect your video to be short—as in one to two minutes.

If you have a lot to show and tell, it’s no problem. Just break it down into a series of short videos instead of making one long video. If people look at the control strip at the bottom of your video and see that it’s 12 minutes, they’re not going to watch. Would you?

In addition, consider starting your own YouTube channel (if you haven’t already) and using it as a home base for all your videos.

Having a YouTube channel increases your credibility, and YouTube is owned by Google. So having a YouTube channel can enhance your search rankings, which means more traffic to your web site.

Since video is such an important tool in your marketing content mix, I decided to launch my annual three-part series on writing killer video scripts. To get the series started, here is a quick tip that is extremely important.

Be conversational and authentic

Never lift words from your print or digital pieces and place them directly in your video scripts. Your messaging must be consistent with your other marketing materials, but video dialogue should be written in an authentic conversational tone that comes across as natural and sincere.

Come from your heart and choose a voice and style that is believable and real. This is the key to really engaging your audience with video.

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