To keep prospects engaged in your sales writing, make sure your sentences are tight and concise. This also makes your copy easy to read. Long sentences loaded with a lot of punctuation will kill your sales copy.

This tip is vital when writing lead-generation materials or pieces intended to close sales. People tend to skim marketing materials. And our eyes naturally seek out the period in a sentence.

If you write long sentences, they may not be completely read. When sentences are long your prospects will read half of it. Then their eyes will automatically dart to the period and they’ll read the next sentence.

Need proof? Just think about your own reading habits. You probably do this all the time.

To avoid writing long sentences keep your punctuation to a minimum. And don’t be afraid to use sentence fragments. As a general rule, try to keep sentences no longer than 14 to 16 words.

Need an example of how to write tight sentences? Just read this post again and take notice of how short the sentences are.