Leverage this simple but powerful headline/subhead technique

If you’re an author or business coach, you face one never-ending challenge when writing marketing copy for your books and online programs.

Your challenge is this: Getting people to actually read your marketing copy!

Now, forget the myth that says no one reads anymore. This simply isn’t true.

However, your audience is very picky about what they read, and before they read YOUR book marketing copy they are going to glance at it and give it a very quick skim.

If people like what they see when they skim your copy, there’s a good chance they’ll take some time to read your body copy to learn more about your book.

This leads to more book sales!

This week, I’m going to share with you a headline and subhead writing secret you can use to snag the skimmers.

Using this technique will make it much easier to engage copy skimmers and motivate them to read your landing pages, eblasts, Amazon descriptions, and back cover copy.

It’s a simple technique, but it can determine whether your marketing copy is read or ignored.

To discover how you can hook the copy skimmers with my simple headline/subhead writing secret,
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My Secret Headline Writing Sequence

This week’s video provides you with detailed instruction on how to leverage a headline/subhead writing sequence that will motivate your audience to spend more time reading your body copy.

The copy I use in this week’s example is included below. However, to give this example context and to learn the headline/subhead writing technique I want to share with you, I urge you to watch my short video.

If you do, you’ll discover why motivating copy skimmers to read your marketing copy can be much easier than you think.


Discover the Book that Blends Business with Soul

The Soul of Your Business
Arthur Author

Integrate Mindfulness with Entrepreneurial Success

(Body copy goes here…)

Create Financial Abundance through Appreciation and Focus

(Body copy goes here…)

Turn Your Profession into a Purpose-Driven Journey

(Body copy goes here…)

View Your Company as a Living Being and Not a Machine

(Body copy goes here…)

Purchase this Book TODAY and Receive 3 Special Bonus Gifts!

(Offer copy goes here…)

Again, to give this example copy context and to receive my instruction on how to leverage this book marketing copy quick tip, I encourage you to watch this week’s short video.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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