Last week I wrote about the importance of including a tight summary of how your product works in your Copy Platform. Equally important is writing a lively product description you can use in various promotional pieces throughout your marketing cycle.

Think of this description as the written 30-second elevator pitch for your product. Keep it short, easy to read, friendly on the eye—and be sure to focus on user benefit statements.

Once you’ve written a good one, make sure you refer to it every time your product description is needed on a web page, in a sales letter or in a lead-generation e-mail or brochure.

Remember, repetition builds reputation. So it’s essential your product description is consistent throughout all of your marketing materials.

Here’s a product description I wrote for a fictitious water therapy program called, The WaterRich Excel System.


The WaterRich Excel System

Facilitates More Effective Water Therapy Treatments

Meet specific patient needs with a progressive system that offers a single solution for your various aqua therapies. The WaterRich Excel System gives you the flexibility needed to expand your possibilities for advanced water therapy programs.

Our industry-leading Water-K software enables you to create protocols that match individual patient requirements.

  •  Provides easy-to-handle and effective therapy management
  • Delivers precise, specific treatments for patients of all ages
  • Enables the safe monitoring and treatment of children

In addition, the WaterRich Excel System includes a highly-intuitive user interface and ergonomic handling for greater ease of use. Its well-balanced components make therapies easier to perform, which enhances patient safety.

Notice how the copy in this example focuses on benefits—not just features. Plus, the paragraphs are short, and key benefits are communicated through sharp, concise bullet points.

This simple format and formula can be applied with equal effectiveness to products, services, books and information materials.

Make a place in your Copy Platform for your product description, and it will always be readily available when you create new marketing materials for your next campaign.

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