Often, it is overlooked subtle techniques that give your sales writing a professional polish. One of these techniques is learning to master headline setups and payoffs. Tape Face Guy

Setups and payoffs are the crisp connection that binds your headline with the first line of body copy that follows it.

When strong headlines are followed by sales copy that doesn’t have a direct relationship to your headline, your marketing piece can nose dive in a hurry. Or at a minimum, it can make your marketing feel less professional.

Avoid this mistake. An easy way to do this is to simply think of your headline as a setup, and your first line of body copy as its payoff.

This thought will force your mind to create a cohesive link between your headline and your first line of body copy.

Again, this is a subtle technique and it isn’t glamorous. However, employing it plays a key role in giving your marketing content a smooth professional finish.


Headline (Healthcare Product)

Why Do 7 out of 8 Physicians Recommend Benson’s Wellness Formula?

First line of copy

Because clinical studies show it reduces inflammation more effectively than competitive brands.

Headline (Coaching program)

Gain Greater Career Clarity through TWG’s Accelerated Coaching Programs

First line of copy

You’ll learn to define success on YOUR terms, and peruse your professional vision with laser-like focus.

Headline (Business book)

Transform Your Business by Addressing 4 Simple Questions

First line of copy

Answering them just the right way can lead to dramatic breakthroughs that propel your success.

Create a tight link between your headline and first line of copy, and your sales content will always have a distinct edge to it. This makes it much easier to engage your prospects and hold their attention!

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