Bonus ideas that make your books too enticing to pass up!

In last week’s post, I detailed a book promotion strategy for offering free bonuses to readers as a means of motivating them to buy your book.

I write book marketing copy for a lot of authors who are eager to leverage this strategy. However, the most common question authors ask me about this book marketing strategy is this:

“Hey Casey, what kind of bonuses should I offer with my book?”

So, as a follow up to last week’s post, this week I am going to share with you ideas for bonuses that have help drive books sales for many of the authors with whom I’ve worked.

To see examples and get ideas about bonuses you can offer with your book,
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One effective book promotion strategy you can use is to make your free bonus gifts so attractive that readers will be motivated to buy your book – just to get their hands on the bonuses!

I recommend that you offer readers free bonuses that are quick and easy to access after they purchase your book.

The easiest way to do this is to offer bonuses that can be downloaded from your website as either audio files or PDF files.

Here is an outline of free bonuses you can use to entice readers to buy your book. Use this outline as a launching point for creating additional ideas of your own.

I encourage you to watch this week’s video because it includes a lot of detailed information about the book bonus ideas I’ve outlined below.

Self-development book

  • Quick reference checklists that summarize the key principles in your book
  • A pocket-size “cheat sheet” of daily reminders based on principles in your book
  • Extended interviews with noted self-development authorities quoted in your book
  • An audio version of your book

Business book

  • Checklists with step-by-step reminders
  • Templates
  • Interviews with industry authorities
  • Special reports that expound on key points in your book
  • An audio version of your book


  • Photos of the people and locations highlighted in your book
  • Interviews with people in your story
  • Interviews with other people who share a similar story to you
  • A checklist of historical facts that give your memoir context
  • An audio version of your book

I’m going to use a murder mystery novel as an example. But you can apply this idea flow to any fictional story you’ve written.

  • An e-book detailing your 10 favorite real-life murder mysteries
  • A file containing crime scene photos from infamous murder mysteries
  • An interview with detectives who have investigated real-world murder mysteries
  • An interview with you in which you discuss the origin of your story and your creative process
  • An audio version of your book

Remember, people who read murder mysteries probably also have a fascination with real-life murder mysteries.

The idea here is to give the subject of your novel a real-world context and use your bonuses to further quench the thirst of readers who have an overall curiosity with the subject matter of your book.

This technique can be used for any novel, including ghost stories, military thrillers, psychological thrillers, romance novels, etc.

Again, use the list of bonuses I’ve outlined above as a launching point for generating your own ideas for free bonus gifts that will motivate readers to buy your book.

Think outside the box and have fun with this!

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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