How to Mix YOUR Story into Your Marketing Copy by Casey Demchak, Copywriting Expert

Be someone your audience can relate to

Social proof is an important element every author and business coach should blend into the marketing copy they create for their books and online programs.

In the world of book promotion, social proof is a must! And, it typically takes the form of reviews, testimonials, statistics, and endorsements from notable people.

Social proof is essential because if your mission is to educate your audience about a particular subject, one question they will ask before they buy your book is:

“Why should I believe you?”

This of course is where reviews, endorsements, and statistics can give you the credibility readers are looking for.

However, your personal story can also be a powerful form of social proof, especially if you’ve written a business or self-development book.

Remember, people LOVE good stories. Knowing how to turn yours into social proof could be the secret sauce that helps you sell more books!

To learn how to mix your personal story into your promotional copy,
click through and check out this week’s Book Marketing Copy Quick Tip video.



Be Someone Your Readers Can Relate To

In this week’s video I explain how to effectively blend your personal story into your book marketing copy, so I urge you to watch it.

Here are some of the key points you’ll hear me discuss.

Use your personal story as a form of social proof.

  • People love stories – tell yours!
  • Have you walked in your reader’s shoes?
  • Have you bounced back from adversity?
  • Have you overcome great obstacles to achieve a significant goal by leveraging the lessons and principles shared in your book?

Readers love authors they can relate to. Not authority figures who speak “down the mountain” to them.

Be real and authentic. Connect with your readers by letting them know you’ve experienced the same conflicts and challenges they have.

Again, I cover these key points in more depth and detail in this week’s video, so please watch it.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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