Great, you’ve written a strong sales letter or landing page for your product or service that you’re hoping will move your prospects to take action and buy.

To get the process rolling you may have added a dynamic call to action that includes a limited-time special offer. Perfect. Arm Wrestle

To sweeten things even more, you may have included a special bonus gift that prospects can immediately download. Nice touch.

A money-back guarantee that reverses the risk so your prospects have nothing to lose is also a great technique to employ, but you’re probably one step ahead of me on this.

However, a persuasive writing secret that often gets overlooked is concluding a sales piece with a crisp and concise value demonstration.

The goal with a value demonstration is basic and straightforward: You want to clearly explain how your product or service literally pays for itself and/or provides fantastic value at a great price.

Here are two value demonstration examples. One is for a physical product (a DVD program), and the other is for an online membership program.


Our DVD, “How to Generate Twice as Many Business Leads in One Month” is packed with dozens of proven lead-generating secrets. At only $29.95, you’re probably paying less than a quarter for every technique that could skyrocket your revenues for years to come.

Online membership program

Each week I’ll deliver you an incredible set of tools, videos, webinars and best practices from successful thought leaders around the world.

 To collect, organize and pour through all of this information on your own would take hundreds of hours, and cost you $15,000, $20,000 or more.

 Instead, I’ll put it all at your fingertips each week for only a fraction of that cost! So why hestiate? Start your Innovative Entrepreneuer membership today for only $47 a month.

When you combine a special offer, free bonuses and a risk-free guarantee with a convincing value demonstration—you have a powerful combination of persuasive writing techniques that show prospects the value you’re providing far exceeds their investment.

And this might be all it takes to close the deal and get them to reach for their wallets.

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