Although I keep track of current events, I don’t consider myself a real political guy. However, during this election season I am certain I’ve discovered one thing conservatives and liberals have in common. Ranger

Before they read marketing copy, they give it a glance and a skim to see if it looks quick and easy to read.

So my big political message to you is this:

Sales and marketing copy that is intended to generate leads or sell products must be crafted in a style that looks easy on the eye.

Or as I like to say—it has to be at-a-glance friendly.

It may not be politically correct, but good looks mean a lot when you’re writing marketing content. If your copy doesn’t look quick and easy to read, your prospects won’t give it a second glance.

When you write sales copy in a format that is loaded with dark chunky paragraphs, it looks dense and difficult to digest. Even if your copy sizzles, no one will read it if it looks like a slog to get through.

Here’s the hard truth. To grab and hook prospects, your marketing copy must look open and lively.

Here is a proven four-step at-a-glance formula that will engage just about anyone.


  1. Be liberal in your use of headlines and subheads
  2. Limit descriptive paragraphs to two to four lines of copy
  3. Use concise bullet points to highlight key product benefits
  4. Keep plenty of white, open space around your copy


We Fit Quietly Into Your Current Infrastructure
You Maintain Total Control with Minimal Involvement

All of Transworld’s technology is small, self-contained, mobile and non-invasive. You’ll hardly know we’re there. That’s because our equipment:

  •  Allows for easy delivery, setup and removal
  • Is environmentally safe and friendly
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Needs minimal power

 There’s absolutely no disruption to your current infrastructure. Plus, your operator maintains supervision over our operations—without having to be closely involved in the process.

Need another example of at-a-glance friendly copywriting? Just take a look at this blog post. Like all my posts, this one is set up to look like a quick and comfortable read.

If you’ve made it this far…it worked. And I appreciate your time and attention to it!

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