It’s a simple fact. If there is one single thing you can do to improve the quality of your existing marketing materials—it would be to write better headlines. success-up-1120017-m

Make no doubt about it. Headlines are the most valuable real estate in sales writing. Because if your headlines stink, nobody is going to read your marketing copy. So it’s essential you give your headlines a lot of attention.

The first thing prospects do when they look at your marketing content is give it a quick scan. When they do this, the first thing they read is your headlines. Always remember that headlines have two basic functions:

  1.  Grab the attention of your readers
  2. Drive readers into your body copy

Notice it doesn’t say that your headlines have to entertain people. So don’t strain your brain trying to come up with something you think is zippy, sexy or clever.

In fact, simple headlines are usually the quickest way to grab your audience. Here are three simple headlines that will engage readers and compel them to read the copy below the headline for further information.

  •  Discover How to Be Twice as Efficient in Half the Time


  • 5 Secrets to Getting Great Testimonials from Industry Leaders


  • We Have Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Information. Want a Peek?

Nothing sexy or zippy about these headlines, and it only took me about one minute to think of all three of them. But I think you can see how they would get the attention of readers and motivate them to dig deeper for more information.

So remember, headlines are marketing’s most valuable real estate. Over the next couple of months I’ll be sharing a few more posts that give you tips and insights about how to write specific styles of headlines.

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