There’s no doubt about it. The quickest way to engage and motivate your prospects is to grab them on an emotional level.

Most products have emotional benefits that are often overlooked in marketing campaigns, especially when it comes to products that are technical in nature. Solution

For example, intraocular lenses used in cataract surgery may help restore the vision of elderly people suffering from cataracts. The lens may also be highly biocompatible with the eye, promoting quicker recovery times following surgery.

But don’t forget the emotional benefits of such a product. Restoring elderly people’s vision gives them hope, makes them feel young, and allows them to experience the joy of watching their grandchildren play. It may also make them feel more vibrant and alive.


Thousands of older people are missing some of life’s most precious moments like graduations, weddings and anniversaries. The reason is because they can’t see well due to cataracts. Fortunately, the new FalcoLens is bringing life’s most cherished moments back into focus by…

Have you written a good book? A few of the emotional benefits I just described (feeling more alive and vibrant) could be applied to a good romance novel, or an information product about how to turn your true passion into a thriving business.

In short, when you write sales copy always put a premium on how your products make people feel. Giving your marketing content an emotional hook can also serve as a bridge that guides prospects into your product’s more tangible technical benefits.

For authors, grabbing readers with the emotional benefits of your work can be the bridge to a more detailed description of what your book is about.

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