In the final segment of my three-part series on writing effective video scripts, I am going to focus on how to leverage the sensory-rich tools you have with video that can engage your prospects on a deeper, emotional level.

The key is to plan ahead and incorporate these elements into your video scripts along with your dialogue and visual ideas.

So, what are these sensory-rich tools? Just think about the movies throughout your life that have touched you on an emotional level, and remember how they were able to do it.

Music: Consider the style of music you were moved by in a romantic film versus a suspense thriller. Backing your video with the right music can instantly move viewers towards a specific emotion.

Voice: Imagine if you could have a soothing, trusting voice read your marketing materials to prospects (think Morgan Freeman). Well, with video you want to select a conversational style to generate the emotional response for which you are striving.

If you hire actors to be in your video, choose people that match up with the mood you are trying to create. If you’re an author, speaker or coach you are most likely going to be your own actor. If this is the case, don’t act. Be your authentic self and be real. Don’t try to “act” like someone you’re not.

Lighting: Again, think of great movies that have moved you. Back-lit actresses with their hair waving in the wind makes you fall in love with them. Shadowy-lit actors with stern scowls create a sense of fear and mystery. Use the power of lighting to create the exact emotion you’d like to convey in your videos.

Movement: Utilizing movement within the camera frame is very stimulating for audiences. Combine camera movement with graphics and you can create a visually enticing forum that captures the full attention of your prospects.

If you’re a consultant or author making basic web cam videos, you can create movement with hand gestures and graphics that wipe, slide or dissolve in and out of frame.

Remember, to move people into action after watching your video, you need to grab them on an emotional level. And you can always connect more deeply with prospects by writing these sensory-rich elements into all of your video scripts.

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