January is the time for setting marketing and business-growth goals (and personal goals), and it’s also the time to be bombarded by goal setting blogs and articles. marketing-success

Given this, I was hesitant to create this post. But, I believe strongly that mindset means everything. This has been a big part of the success I’ve experienced with my Core Message Platform™ copywriting program.

So, I’ve decided to go ahead give you my two cents on goal setting for 2017 (I hope you find it to be worth more than that).

Drop those “Starting Monday” Goals

For many, goal setting revolves around making New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that most New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside come February 1.

Why? Because a lot of folks make too many unrealistic resolutions. You know, stuff like, “Starting Monday I’m going to completely change the way I eat, and I’m going to stick with it for the rest of my life.”

Tack on five or six more unrealistic “starting Monday” goals, and the result is usually disappointment and frustration.

So why not try a new approach in 2017?

My suggestion is this: Set just one to three goals for 2017, but make them BIG goals. And, when I say one to three… I mean three at the very most. One or two will do just fine!

For me, I’ve set two big marketing goals for 2017, and I’ll share them with you in just a bit.

Taking Giant Strides Can Be Simple

I enjoy reading about people who are much more successful than me, and I talk to them as often as I can. It’s been said that success leaves clues, and here is one clue to taking giant strides I’ve uncovered with high achievers: Most of them set a minimum number of annual goals, but they are always BIG goals! Big Foot

In the past, I had a habit of setting multiple News Year’s goals. As a result, I never fully accomplished any of them. However, when I made the decision to set just one to three BIG goals each year, I actually began to see them come to fruition.

The reason is simple. When you set a limited number of goals, it is much easier to focus your energy on each of them. Remember, there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple.

By staying laser focused on just one, two or three goals, you have an outstanding chance of achieving them because you’ll never feel you are spread too thin.

Give this simple but BIG approach to goal setting a shot, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Success Results from Commitment!

I love to work out at the gym. But, my least favorite month at the gym is January. Why? Because it’s so crowded. It’s crowded because there are so many new people who set a New Year’s goal of getting in better shape. muscle-chick

However, by February the gym is much less crowded because the large majority of people who set a New Year’s goal of working out more… have given up and gone back home to their couch.

But, some new faces do continue on with their new workout program. These are the people who COMMITTED to building a fitness routine for the New Year.

I love to say that January is for goals, but February through December are for COMMITMENT.

Again, it’s a great idea to set just one to three marketing goals for the year. However, once you get to February, these goals will fade from view unless they’re backed by commitment.

You see, when you really commit to something, your brain begins to work differently. It works overtime to feed you a continual stream of ideas, solutions, possibilities, and even more ideas that keep you clawing and scrapping to achieve your goals.

Connect with Your Inner Dog

When you were growing up, was there a dog in your neighborhood who was committed to digging out of its yard? Of course there was. Did the dog succeed? Yep. Eventually, they always do. Soul Dog

That’s because dogs don’t try to dig out of yards… and they don’t “give it their best shot” for a month or two. Dogs don’t have the intellectual capacity to do this.

Instead, dogs commit to digging their way to freedom. And they always succeed. So in 2017, channel your inner dog and COMMIT fully to achieving your copywriting and marketing goals.

Do this and you will feel a difference in how your brain is working, and you’ll become unstoppable.

My 2017 Marketing Commitments

For 2017, I’ve set two big marketing goals that I’m committed to achieving. One is to create a more in-depth and authoritative blog/newsletter for you every week.

I’m committed to creating a blog each week that includes more extensive examples, and more links to resources that I know will help you in your marketing efforts.

And, I expect YOU to hold me accountable to this commitment.

SnapApp.com Names This Blog One to Watch in 2017

I am further motivated to keep this commitment because SnapApp.com recently named THIS blog one of the 139 top content marketing blogs to watch in 2017. I’m very proud of this! snapapp

Click here to read their article and gain access to a great list of other blogs to follow throughout the year.

My second big marketing goal for 2017 is to increase the revenue from my Core Message Platform™ service by at least 50 percent. I’ve put together a simple, but powerful marketing plan for making this happen.

And, like a dog trying to dig its way out of a hard, I am COMMITTED to making it happen. Speaking of making big happen ….

…I Highly Recommend This Book!

My favorite book for setting and achieving just a few BIG goals a year is Make BIG Happen, by Mark Moses. Mark is a client of mine and a very successful entrepreneur based in Newport Beach, California. I have no affiliate deal with Mark, so I make this recommendation strictly from a place of trying to serve you. 9781599326115_FCHigh

That’s it. Here’s to a rockin’ 2017 for all of us. I appreciate your support, and next week I’ll be back with more inspiring copywriting insights.

Are you ready to COMMIT to your marketing success in 2017? Will this post help you stay on track for the entire year …and not just January?

Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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