Agitate Your Reader’s Need, Thirst, Curiosity or Challenge by Casey Demchak, expert in copywriting

In recent posts I’ve focused on the elements involved in writing conversational sales copy for your book marketing campaign.

I also introduced you to a simple 9-step formula you can follow to write sales pages, eblasts, back cover copy, and other marketing content for your book.

In my last post I covered Step 1, which explains how to write simple headlines that state or imply a benefit. This week I cover Step 2, which details how to agitate your reader’s desire, need, curiosity or challenge.

What I reveal in this week’s video is that after you’ve written your headline, you want to begin your body copy by showing you have a clear understanding of your reader’s need, desire, curiosity, thirst, or challenge.

I also talk about the extent to which you want to “agitate” this need.

When you demonstrate you can relate to what’s on your reader’s mind, you’ll be in a strong position to illustrate how your book satisfies their desire.

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Talk About Your Readers First

After you create a simple benefit-driven headline for your book marketing copy, (whether it be for your back cover, website sales page, or an eblast), the next step is to write your body copy.

In this week’s video I discuss why the first thing to do when writing your body copy is to resist the temptation to begin describing what your book is about.

Instead, I explain why it’s essential that you begin your body copy by:

  • Talking about your readers first
  • Showing you have an understanding of their need, desire, curiosity, thirst, or challenge
  • Agitating and amplifying this need or desire
  • Making it clear you can relate to your reader’s needs before you begin writing about your book

I dive into these points in much greater detail in this week’s video, so I urge you to check it out.

Next week, I’ll cover Step 3 in my 9-step formula for writing conversational marketing copy that sells more books.

Until next week, take action and make things happen!


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